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Created a new account

AuthorCreated a new account
I just created a new account and got this message from the administration:
Your reference link has been followed by a new player - jamil1996.
According to the conditions of our reference program, you will get 500 gold as soon as he or she reaches combat level 2, and receive 30% of all his future rewards.

The message is generated automatically, please do not reply.

Best Regards, game Administration."

I didn´t use any link and it´s my own account so I think you should not give me any rewards because after all it´s me playing on the account :)
What I mean is that Iam playing on both accounts and one of them should not get more gold or something because I achieve something on the other account because still it is me playing on both accounts!
should be no problem as multis can follow invitation links.
for Boozy_Bosco:

But is it allowed to do like that??
for Boozy_Bosco:

Ok, thanks man :)
closed by ElfPride (2013-01-08 21:33:50)
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