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Hunter Guild Arts

AuthorHunter Guild Arts
Could anyone provide me how much would a full hunter art set cost per battle? And while you're at it, some wizard tactics/talent tips would be good too :P
If you buy a Hunter set for 5k it will cost 500/battle
Since not worth repair most parts of hunter set, only gloves worth even so for 7/10 durability left.

So it's complety about how much you gonna spend to buy the set, and which set is.
MH for example there's more parts which worth repair, GH even more, and BB even more.
I see, thanks. Other than the Hunter set, are there any low level arts worth using?
If you wanna personal break records or lease. Every set worth to have.

For others reasons, don't worth. Remember one thing, if you want it to lease it's a investment, but doesn't mean you gonna get your money back (we don't have enough people on .com, and when merge comes the hunter set will drop price)

If you want just break records, go ahead. Just don't spend more than you can affort, always think on your future like CG, buldiing, upgrade etc.
Okay, thanks. Guess I'll buy a hunter set to use now and then after merge till I can get MH set.
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