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about seraph tear's

Authorabout seraph tear's
what is that burning in seraph's tears
i see it on the map
please anyone explain me

and how is alyna back
as though she has been blocked already????

thanks in advance

i see it too maybe an event i think

and alyna was wrong mistake by admins i think :)
i dont know

but what is burning there
please anyone clear me

and why alyna is too late in coming

come on any one please clear
lords.com and heroeswm.ru will be combine and this is maybe some event
about Alyna- O_o
for knilok:

Only admins know !
Await a event or a merge itself.
no one can answer this except Admins we can only wait and see
closing this
closed by Lord Edwin1908 (2013-01-18 19:28:54)
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