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need help.....

Authorneed help.....
hi, my 9lvl accont is blocked vientulnieks124 , why? i now rulles and i fallowed him, i promises all rulles completed, please get turn to play again and play to next lvl i very need this profile unlock and play to querties lvl ??????/ please get quesenes to my aqusens????? if administration cant unlock my accont please write my private mail messages i need to now , transfern is cleaned and no neliegale transfers him is very transfer and i dont no why i am blocked i need only back to accont?
Questions regarding penalties, unblock requests, and other kinds of communication with Administration are made with the help of Secretary (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4). If your combat level is below the 3rd and you can't use the private mail - either raise your level or ask your friends or clanmates. Contacting the Administration via "Queries & Help" is SENSELESS.
closed by Lord Edwin1908 (2013-01-20 02:39:49)
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