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Upcoming features

AuthorUpcoming features
The following features are planned to be introduced at certain point in the future.

1. At least two Classes for every faction.
2. ?Elementalist faction?.
3. Alternative upgrades (altgrades) of all faction creatures.
4. Further factions balancing.
5. Magic school level 5.

6. Experience tables extension.
7. Introduction of new Guilds
7a. Ability to produce spell scrolls, potions of mana regeneration, primary parameter increase (for PvE combats)

8. Detailed quest-adventure map with Lords moving around it.
9. Personal "village" (Ceasar, SimCity type).
10. War machines: Ballistae, First aid tents, Ammo carts with their modification options.
11. Ability to cultivate and train one personified creature. Options to preset combat behaviour for the creature and use in combat without player control.
12. ?Taverns as a private property?.

13. Military Clan wars.
14. Castle siege battles.
15. New Tournament types: Blindfold for 8 Lords, 3x3 and 4x4 team tournaments

16. Creating the Detention Block as an isolated game environment with special gaming conditions for rulebreakers.

17. Increase server power and acquiring new servers. Recruiting professional artists and designers.
18. Optimization for Android
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