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Chest gift probability

AuthorChest gift probability
what's the chance of getting a rare artifact from this ?
Random. Administrators know. ;)
1% :p
if we assume this game has 25 000 players which all buy 2 chests a year, that gives us 50 000 chests.
But only 2 per day are listed in https://www.lordswm.com/gift_box_log.php
so 1 / ( 50 000 / 750 ) is 1.5%

Now you could argue that this game has some more active players or less. Or that people buy more than 2 chests a year or less. But i estimate it is between 1% and 3%.
K, closing.

Sven, I don't know where you got those numbers from, but thanks anyway.
closed by Lord Hallion91 (2013-01-25 21:23:43)
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