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You are already in a challenge!


AuthorYou are already in a challenge!
There were 60 ogres on map and I started the battle, but the battle never started up, the ogres disappeared from map, and now I cannot move on map or do anything, almost every screen sais: You are in a challenge. Your actions are limited!, but the battle never starts up and there is no combat log of it either.
I have same problem :(
Having the same problem in my quest :(
And me too... I did a fight and after that i cant do anything more and it says im in combat
Many of us have the same problem, nothing helps: clearing cookies, cache changing browser, logging out and in again. All we can do is wait for admins to fix this.
me 2
Player banned by moderator ElfPride until 2013-01-26 12:48:11 // Please avoid full caps
me too please do something btw i think the bugs is came from mercenaries guild because when i click it then

The 'Lizard Lowland' neighbourhood is attacked by a huge 'Army of wizards {1}' daily. Hurry over there and cope with them! You have 2 attempts and 140 minutes.

Award: 0 gold

You are in a combat challenge

see T_T after that what combat also cant hunt
i am also facing the same problem
I have the same problem
same problem

Tip - Avoid MG else u will get same problem
Same problem :(
Also stuck... :o(
Same here!
Ok, my problem is gone after like 24 hours.
same problem!!
Sem problem: "You are alredy in challenge". MG guild after...
the same problem.....
same problem here
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