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#7594 dragon's slayers


Author#7594 dragon's slayers
Welcome to the #7594 Dragon's Slayers clan !
We are proudly the largest, active, MC-independant clan of the game.

If you wanna join us the entrance fee is 950 gold.
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________



* hablaty Efficiency 90% Cost 110%
* Robai Efficiency 80% Cost 75%
* Hallion91 Efficiency 70% Cost 50% (http://hallion91.freehostia.com/Repairing%20Services.htm)
* JasiN Efficiency 70% Cost 75%
* dundayinII Efficiency 50% Cost 40%


Weapon (Elements needed: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=65436&page=0#572664)
* Robai 5x12% - (FREE for all)
* Hallion91 3x6% (400 gold back per element http://hallion91.freehostia.com/Enchanting%20Services.htm)
* JasiN 2x4%

Armor (Elements needed: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=51809&page=0#421571)
* Robai 5x14% - (200 gold back per element)
* JasiN 2x10%
* Hallion91 3x10% (500 gold back per element http://hallion91.freehostia.com/Enchanting%20Services.htm)

Jewel (Elements needed: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=51809&page=0#421570)
* Robai 5x14% - (300 gold back per element)
* Hallion91 3x10% (400 gold back per element http://hallion91.freehostia.com/Enchanting%20Services.htm)
* yoshyegg 1x6% - (FREE !!!)


* akaych: Hunter set 1500 gold per battle.
* vishnus: level 3-10 shop arts (https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=76435)
* seanckx: Master Hunter set and other arts, see his profile.
* seanckx: Hunter set. 777 gold to #594 members, 750 to #705 and #712 members, 800 gold to others.
* Pak_Nujum: Per item, per battle 400(300 - Clan Members only) {Wizard Cap, Hauberk, Cape Of Spirits, Galoshes of Battle, Defender Shield, Steel Blade, Combat Staff, Sword Of Might, Pit Demon Blade, Thief Crossbow, Thief Mask, Thief Armour,Thief Boot}
* Igles: Master hunter set for 1200 gold/battle. Clan mates only.
* bye97: Hunter set for 1200 gold per battle. 2000 for non-clan members.
* Poxy: {amulet of luck, chain helmet, hauberk, 2x rings of doubts, defender shield, reprisal sword, leather boots, steel blade, Mithril longsword, Leather armor, Leather helmet, steel buckler, medal of bravery, 2x rings of inspiration, Rings of dexerty, Leather jackboots}, See his profile for details.
* the_TJ: Hunter set for 1000 gold per battle. Offer only for clan members.
* WoodBox: {Ruby Gladious 5 x 10% (EAWFI), Composite Bow 4 x 10% (EAWF), Full Mithril Armor Decrease attack 10% (D)}. Contact him for prices.
* WoodBox: Semi-Full Beast Bane Set, a good combination for hunting, consisted of {BB armor , charm , boots , shield and helmet + 5x10% ruby gladious , 4 x 10 composite bow and 2 x Dragons eye rings} giving you a +30% damage to neutrals + very high ini. + 80% enchant damage + 10% ignore defense. Contact him for prices.
* JustTuna: Hunter set, 529 for friends, 539 for others and a 5% discount to clan mates.
*Dragjons90: {Chain helmet [D2], Hauberk [D2], Sword of retribution [I2], Defender shield [D2], Galoshes of battle [D2]} 600/500-for-clan, + {Cape of spirits [A2], Ring of impetuosity [A2] (x2)} = 800/700-for-clan per battle.
*thedarkdevil: {reprisal sword, sword of retribution, combat staff, equilibrium blade, wizard cap, hat of knowledge, chain helmet, steel helmet, leather harness, hauberk, steel cuirass, leather boots, galoshes of battle, medal of bravery, AMULET OF LUCK, ring of inspiration} Check his profile for much details.
*Kunoichi_1: {Reprisal sword, steel blade, light axe, steel buckler, defender shield, leather harness, leather helmet, Chain helmet, leather boots, amulet of luck}
*bhvynsh : Leasing thief set - https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=89470
*bouc : {Reprisal sword, Sword of Might, Blade of rebirth, longbow, sword of retrubien, SILVER PARTISAN, Defender shield, Dragon shield, Light mithril cuirass, Medal of bravery, Amulet of l
*bouc : {Reprisal sword, Sword of Might, Blade of rebirth, longbow, sword of retrubien, SILVER PARTISAN, Defender shield, Dragon shield, Light mithril cuirass, Medal of bravery, Amulet of luck, Pendant of wrath, Ring of inspiration, Galoshes of battle, Steel boots, Steel cuirass, hauberk, Steel helmet}


*-_NO--NAME_- - Clan avatar Maker. Contact him for offers.
*freak_master - Avatar making service for only 100 gold.
*jure20 - Contact for prices.
*knightwalkerII - Static and animated, see his info.


*theangrybarb: Buying Hunter, MH and GH arts at any durability, PM him for price.

Any member that is of level 1 or higher in enchanter's or smith's guild, is wanted to let the leader know. Any member that offers any kind of service may let me know so we can advertise it here as well.
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________

0. Any member willing to join must pay 950 gold to you.
1. When you ask for someone to join our clan and he accepts he must first pay the gold and after that you recruit him, not the opposite way, otherwise you take the risk to waste 500 gold (invitation's cost) of the clan's balance.
2. Any lord must be of level 5 or more in order to join our clan. Don't waste your time in newbies, they CAN'T join.
3. After you send the invitation to any player send 750 gold to the leader as soon as possible, if not you will receive a "reminding" message, if you keep on being indifferent you will be disqualified as recruiter.
4. If you recruit a player of level 13 or higher you can keep 300 gold instead of 200 and send the rest 650 to the leader.
5. Everyone can be a recruiter for free, but any violation of these rules may lead to disqualification, especially if the recruiter is denying to fix his mistakes.
6. NEVER evict, withdraw invitation or change the description of any ordinary member of the clan without the leader's consent. On each of the cases 9-10(see below) you may evict that guy at will !!
IMPORTANT: Invitations sent by any other recruiter is listed on the same page you see your invitations, so don't get confused !!
7. Never invite lords that have been blacklisted below.
8. The best recruiter of the clan (whoever will it be at the specific momment of recruit) will get +100 gold as a gift for every recruit. Anyone who gets the title of Best Recruiter, even once is noted on the members list as "Recruiter*", as a special title for the hard work.
9. You may evict from the clan ANY member that has been blocked due to multiple characters transfers or due to any other rules violation that is guaranteed permanent block. In addition to that, you may also evict ANY member that has remained blocked for over 6 months. Be careful, not all blocks are permanent, so be sure on your decisions.
10. You may kick ANY member that has been inactive for more than 18 months, even if it's abandoned or not. In any case that the member evicted wants to reenter the clan he/she shall have a free invitation back in, ONLY once he/she passes an "activity test", so that we know the same case won't be repeated. Members evicted for this reason and have been re-invited, have the right to stay offline for 9 months at the most.
11. Special exceptions of the activity rules are those listed on the SAFELIST below. Players under the SAFELIST banner have the right to stay in the clan no matter the case.

* Once you've become a recruiter, in order to recruit a lord you must go --> Your clans --> #594 Dragon's Slayers --> Management --> Invitations --> Type the name in the appropriate bar and "OK"
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________

- Never change the main profile of the clan wihtout the leader's permission.
- Y
- Never change the main profile of the clan wihtout the leader's permission.
- You are allowed to write anything you want (of course relative to the clan's or personal matters) that would be helpful to the clan's members.
- Never change something that another chronicler has writter without asking for his/her permission.
- The Chroniclers are responsible for special offers of the clan members for sell or buy advertisements. When an offer "expires" chroniclers must "clean" it immidiately , no asking, no waiting for anything.
- If you wish to advertise a personal offer of buying or selling any item let any chronicler know it and he/she will post the info at the clan's page.
- Chroniclers have the responsibility of enchanters/smiths notifications. Every smith willing to advertise his/her services should let a chronicler and the leader know it. The chronicler's will have to post and keep updated a list of all the smiths and enchanters in the clan.
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________

- Never AFK in any kind of game, respect your co-players, allies/opponents.
- Be active, 18 months maximum offline period allowed, 6 months in case of block.
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________

- emporlion
- Athenodora
- suryaDRACO
- santisxxx
- Ado
- ToxicSun
- ToxicMoon
- rajasthani
- Kariolis
- wizardfy
- Cool_Guy

Avoid any contact with these players.
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________


Noone is safe from inactivity at the momment, BEWARE !!
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________

- Gather the best service providers.
- Gather all active players together.
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Ty Pat !
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