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Ideas suggested multiple times

AuthorIdeas suggested multiple times
This list does not feature denied suggestions. The Administration took them to consideration, so posting them again is forbidden.

1. Remove the item deterioration or increase durability.
2. Introduce options for arts/no arts combat types. Technical impossibility to join the "wrong" combat type.
3. Possibility to transfer diamonds and to buy them from other players.
4. Destroying castle construction with partial refund.
5. Canceling one's own challenge if no one has joined it yet.
6. Combat log filter (similar to transfer log).
7. Add faction icons to combat log.
8. Enable spellbook review in inventory.
9. Character specializations (HoMM style).
10. Introduce peaceful talents (Diplomacy, Logistics etc.)
11. Create more equipment slots (shoulders, bracers, earrings etc.).
12. Introduce Weeks of monster types (Stat increase of all monsters of one type in all combats for one week)
13. Introduce a Guild for merchants.
14. 3vs3 Tournaments
15. Diversify weapons (Axes, maces, bludgeons, flails etc.)
16. Dungeons for 3, 6, 9 players with limited weekly attempts featuring raid bosses
17. Introduce lease market (semi-automated renting from players to unburden the trade forums)
18. List all current effects from equipment in inventory/home character page (such as additional melee damage, magic shield etc.)
19. Alerts for incoming trades (similar to new private mail).
20. Alerts for group ambushes/ranger challenges expecting your participation.
21. Make possible voting for/contra ideas and suggestions in every thread.

Social & Law Enforcement:
1. Birthday presents to players.
2. Mass mailing.
3. Editing one's own message at the forum and using text tags.
4. Organize regular lotteries.
5. «Enemies online» as an antipode to «Friends online» at the character page.
6. New forum branch for factional discussions on tactics, talents etc.
7. Forum post ratings (+1/-1).
8. Democratic elections of Moderators, Sages, Keepers.
9. Create advocate system for punishment redemption.
10. Enable grouping players in friends list, notes for friends groups.
11. UCI character picture only (on character page) without animated image at lesser cost.
12. Sorting options on clan page, in PM inbox and outbox, in Friends list.
13. White list (nicknames as exclusions for mail and transfer filters).
14. Personal customizable banners viewable in combats and forum.
15. Vanity titles for extra cost or as part of Premium account.

1. Pay laborers with goods instead of gold.
2. Enrollment code simplification or possibility to change them.
3. Introduce monthly record system (HG,MG) and rewards for such records.
4. Introduce faction and level records in MG (such as in HG).
5. Possibility to recruit extra mercenaries for HG and MG combats.
6. Offer link to last combat for the quest type that is currently offered in MG.
7. Enable an option to pay a repair immediately during artifact transfer at optional percentage of repair cost.
8. Introduce Blacksmith queue.

1. Rewinding and fast-forwarding combat replays.
2. Introduce auto-combat or temporary ally control for AFKing players.
3. Reduce TG turn timer.
4. Introduce Mass Holy and Darkness spells that affect all allied stacks rather than an area of battlefield (Heroes 3 style mass spells).
5. Commodity features in combat (Display retaliation on creature, mark positive/negative effects on creatures in different colours, visualize special effects such as stun, hellfire triggers, make possible predicting the Dragon breath target etc.)
6. Optional ability to disable creatures' triggering special abilities.
7. Allow saving presets for pre-combat settlement.
8. Toughen penalties for AFKing in combats, especially AFKing hunt assistants.
9. Introduce language processor in combats to facilitate comprehension of Russian-speaking players.
10. Enable battlefield camera rotate for 90 degrees (view from behind army ranks).

1. Introduce more tavern games.
2. Barman in tavern, sharing rumours about future events.
3. Show challenge description during card games.
4. Mark the top menu bar in yellow colour when a card game starts (while you visit forum etc.)
5. Enable option to choose whether or not to use available golden cards.

Faction skills:
1. Global recount of faction skills based on latest fsp gain system.
2. Cancel out the faction skills, their effect, or make it dependent on combat level.
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