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...does not stay in the Palace!

Author...does not stay in the Palace!
Lords and Ladies,

Her Majesty has announced a grand update in Empire's economy.
As you all know, ever since time untold, the newly purchased artifact could be sold back to state at 85% of its shop cost, the one completely worn out before first repair at 65%, and the one repaired down to 0/1 - at 25% of its shop cost. Thus, the artifact price generally included a cost that would later be refunded to the characters.

Today's changes introduce a new model much more friendly and accessible to players:
1) The shop cost of all shop artifacts except potions is reduced by those 65% and now makes 35% of the old cost.
E.g., generic gold cost of Sword of Might is now 10,290 gold instead of the old 29,400, which makes it 19,110 cheaper.

2) The Price Per Battle (PPB) of warrior shop artifacts has not changed. The shop price of certain caster artifacts (increasing spell power, knowledge, initiative to lord etc.) is reduced by even more to even out the wrongful difference in warrior and caster shop set PPBs;

3) New economic model artifacts (i.e. all artifacts purchased after this news is published) may no longer be sold to state. Instead, they may be discarded at 0 gold at any moment, regardless of durability. Artifacts may still be sold at the market, or through trade forum, chat etc. by making trade transfers between characters.

4) Shop artifacts repair cost has been lowered down to 95% of their shop cost.

5) Gold acquired through successful hunts has been increased by 5% as a compensation for not being able to sell hunter artifacts to state.

With this announcement, the artifacts have been split into two model types. This is temporary, and artifacts may be updated to their new model by you manually.
New model artifacts look exactly as before:

Among those are:
- All artifacts purchased, looted, received, discovered, won after current announcement date;
- All the rent shop artifacts rented by you (because Empire owns them);
- Chests of abundance and potions, for which the shop cost has not changed.

Please note again: new model artifacts may not be sold, they are discarded at zero gold.

Old model artifacts look like this:

Those are all old artifacts already owned by players as of the date of this announcement, excluding rent shop artifacts and potions.

Old artifacts may be sold to Empire by the old rules; or updated to the new model, thus yielding a compensation of the 65% of the initial cost (for artifacts that have not been repaired). Should you choose to update the artifacts, you will keep them and will be able to continue using them. Artifacts may be updated at the inventory page.
E.g., updating a 80/80 Sword of Might will yield a compensation of 19,110 gold.

Compensation will cover the selling to state cost included in the artifact buying price. Artifacts may be updated all at once, or one by one. In some cases, it is better to sell an artifact than to update it to the new model. This is true for items that you have no plans to use. If you sell such an artifact, you will receive 85% of the initial cost, whereas updating it will yield only 65%, leaving an item that is of no use to you.

In order to prevent the confusion with the old and new model artifacts, all incoming trades and all current market/auction lots have been vetoed by the Empire and returned to their owners.

Old model artifacts have certain restrictions on their usage. They may not be:
- posted as market lot;
- transferred to another lord or lady;
- deposited at estates;
- deposited at clan depositories.
As soon as an artifact is updated to the new model, all restrictions are lifted.

Let us sum this up

1) Shop artifacts have become 65% cheaper to buy;
2) Shop artifacts' price per battle has not changed for warrior artifacts, reduced for caster artifacts to level out the difference in the two sets;
3) Old model artifacts need to be updated with compensation of gold and resources;
4) Shop artifacts' repair cost has been lowered;
5) HG reward (gold and resources) has been slightly increased;
6) New artifacts may no longer be “sold to state”.

Heed these changes, Lords and Ladies, and take reasonable decisions about your arsenal!
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