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The Detonator! (Bullet Dodger) Quitting Roulette :D

AuthorThe Detonator! (Bullet Dodger) Quitting Roulette :D
Looks like you will no longer be losing any money :D

I'm so glad we became friends :)
You have already made this game more fun, exciting and enjoyable for me.

Now you have stopped roulette, you can finally build up some gold and enjoy the game yourself too :D

Just, Well done!
It's a big and hard achievement to do :)
Well done :)
I know it is hard but its good for me and I request all other roulettier's to stop playing it.

Thank you for your support and encouragement guys :)
Special thanks to Dr Damage and Loafoant :)
I got a special thanks :3

Anyway, keep it up!
It's a shame you lost all that money, but starting fresh is good!

So happy :'3
Come on Detonator. Thats great work man!

It was really hard for me to stop roulette after shashwatme account and monkeychunky. I know how tough it is.
Special thanks to Dr Damage and Loafoant :) Mention not :)

Gratz on quitting roulette.really a difficult task.
correct choice.
really bad choice man ....

hope u miss it and start again there is no fun without it :D
Good decision, now count the days when you are roulette free and never get to day zero again!
may u miss that feeling when u have 1 lakh and in a blink it gets 0 :D
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