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[Milatary Clan] #7181 Elite Warriors

Author[Milatary Clan] #7181 Elite Warriors

Elite Warriors will merge with the Military Clan # 7490 European Foreign Legion!

For this reason, there will be a change in leadership for EW. Clan members shall post here if they agree with the merge or not, those who agree will be joining EFL, and those who don't will recieve compesation of their donations.

This vote will be open for 7 days.
I'm not going to merge with EFL. I want to stay with EW. If any position on clan counsil available, I would like to receive it.
I want to stay with EW. :)
EW 4ewer !!!!!
I also would like to stay with EW!!!
Lord marked_one (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4315096) is proposed as new clan leader.
Since most, if not all, of you seem to disagree with clan merge, I'll be leaving EW.
It has been a pleasure playing with you, mainly with the ones who already left the clan.
Very bad move Nanda, not even 1 week passed since start of voting. I do understand you are in a hurry to join another, more active MC and needed to give leadership to someone. But according to HWM rules majority of votes have to agree to a new leader at first. Also what about MC second in command and treasurer? I'm so dissapointed with what happend to my favourite MC ...
By the way, I have nothing personal against Nanda or Marked_One.
And one more thing: he ( https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4315096 ) is not even aware of beeing put in charge since Character went offline at 23:23, 2013-06-22 and on 2013-06-25 02:13: #7181 clan leadership transferred to Lord marked_one. Who does such a thing? OMG!
[Post deleted by moderator ElfPride // Deleted in light of possible instigation]
[Post deleted by moderator Elrond // Debate is for Elite Warriors members]
there are around 20 active players now in EW out of 106
(EW was a far better clan before the merge comparing to my own GoD, back then)
but it kind of went to pieces; a lot of clans split, fusioned with others to form stronger ones which can try to battle the russian clans
my opinion is that the game is a lot more fun with clan events and an active comunity (depository, enchanting, smithing etc)

In all due respect is it not up to the members to decide what clan they prefer?
I really cannot see your point?

The issue here is to make certain the voting phase has gone as the rule dictates.
3.27. Clan ownership and/or positions in clan cannot be sold. Clan ownership can be passed to another character free of charge only. In case of Military clan it can only be transferred after consulting the new candidate for leadership with the clan members. Such consulting must be held in the "Clans" section of the forum. Transfers of any in-game values in return for clan ownership transfer/position distribution will be considered a violation. Both sides will be subject to punishment up to blocking both characters.

And now a new leader has been chosen is also to give people a chance to get compensation for there expenses to the clan if and only if they follow this rule

3.28. If the Military clan leader is replaced, any member of that clan may post a petition in "Clans" forum and require 100% compensation of all taxes and contributions paid to the clan, but no later than 7 days since the declaration about leadership change. The previous leader is supposed to pay off. The member is supposed to present proof from his or her transfer log, as well as to explain the reason of his or her dissatisfaction with the new Leader's position. Shall the ex-leader not dispose of the necessary gold sum or equivalent, he or she will be blocked for swindling.
3.29. In case if the clan leader becomes blocked, the Administra

On a personal note the voting phase did go a bit quick, but I don't know if there is an minimum amount of days, but it is up to keepers if any members should complain.

The previous leader is supposed to pay off.
Also I don't like the rule about nanda have to pay the compensation should come from treasury, but I am almost certain we got it confirmed when Laitha stepped down from WGW
but I am almost certain we got it confirmed when Laitha stepped down from WGW
Have cheeked up and we got it confirmed.

So if the leader transfer is valid, Elite Warriors members are entitled to leave the clan and get an compensation from xCNxNanda (silly rule imo, it should be from clan treasury, have suggested admins will changeit)

As it is I doubt because it was leadership transfer was valid.

A) marked_one was not elected by any other vote than nanda
B) Voting was only open for a little under 6 hours

All in all it seems very messy, and cannot see how to resolve it, could be good to get Arctic to clarify what should happen now.
I think the best and obvious thing to do is to wait for Marked_One https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4315096 to return to the game. After that he should hold another clan leader voting for 7 days (if I'm not mistaken) and transfer leadership to new leader if any would be chosen. Until that time no moves are necessary.
just read some PM and message about this topic.

IMO, in case of clan leader absence, EW members should vote to elect a new leader in this topic. after all voting was done, get admin into this topic to view. so, admin can change the leadership accordingly.

i assume the poll will take afew days until most of the members vote.

leadership transfer is necessary to prevent abuse on clan treasury. once leadership was transfer, the new leader will allow to decide the next course of action.

as for merge of EW into other MC, we shall talk on that after leadership transfered
EW 4EVER !!!
Marked_One is not in the game for almost one month. And is probably even unaware of his new so called status. I think it's time to vote for the new MC leader.

I would like to propose myself as a candidate.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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