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Flash problems

AuthorFlash problems
I often (not always) have massive lag issues with flash - especially when running 3x3 games - the game crawls.

I tried different browsers and updated drivers but nothing helps.
Also tried different routers - but seems its not a network issue anyway.

Interestingly its not permanent - it often just speeds up in the middle of the game and runs normal again.
Also very high CPU and memory usage of flash.

Any ideas?
Same here.I think it depends on your internet speed.I use wireless internet so when signal is strong the game is fast or else it crawls.

Not much to do except increase internet speed (more bandwidth) and reduce quality settings in the game.Remove shadow and blood effects,if it helps :)
I didn't think the flash performance would be affected by bandwidth (or is it?) I assume that is all local stuff.

Also i have never had these issues before and been playing for years on the same bandwidth - i started noticing them shortly after the merge.

I also often get load errors - again seemed to happen after the merge.
Game loads to 90% or so and then i see some load error - eventually it resolves itself.

If i move to the ipad it all works fine...

Any ideas?
^ Your PC has become old then ? :P but other than this I have no idea.but yes after merge due to so many more players lag is natural :(
Me too experiencing the same issue.. Made a complaint about it too...
Other issues are games hanging on load - images not loading full and of course the occasional lag.
The images are the weird - some load and some don't - if i right click download image (on a blank image) then it connects but generally times out...

I don't think it has anything to do with number of players or bandwidth.

No problem with any other website and never had the problem before the merge.

What has changed on the website (last few months) other then the number of players?

well.. my flash just crashed in a combat, and now i cant even load into any combats or watch any of them...
Did anyone of you find a solution to this? Last week I've experienced exactly the same problem. It's a lottery if you'll be able to complete a 3vs3 fight or not.
I remember having problems with combats loading before. I think I fixed it by disabling "Sound effects in combat" and "Stereo sounds". Check your settings.

I think my problem was caused by a particular sound file failing to load (or be downloaded or sent by server, I think it was a spell sound effect) so if your issue is caused by something else, changing the sound setting may not help.
Try personal settings> animation speed> instant. Should speed up in-game events.
Main problem is not inet connection but HW performance.

Basically you can choose to put impress on RAM (using mobile version of combat or smooth pictures) which can extend very high (you need 1024+ram on you mobile device to run ok otherwise flash will be killed by Android) or u can you your CPU (which is common way).

When you are using CPU it happens sometimes that you flash "hangouts" because you CPU cannot process so much information and your android scheduler (see wiki for linux threads and scheduling) wont schedule right flash thread.

The only ways -> use better HW (newest mobiles with 1,5GB ram and quadcore CPUs,which has otherwise problem with flash (cannot run on them, only very few browser now support flash since Android 4.2.2).

Best solution for LWM will be tune flash war performance & move from flash to HTML 5. But..i dont think that some development guys even bother what are we talking about...
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