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AuthorMilitary Clan Rating
The battles for facility control had been held over many days already, and despite the bravery and effort put into defending their territories, the military clans were barely able to keep up with defenses, let alone to reduce the Survilurgs' offensive pressure. Every subdistrict had attacks on it doubled since recently, and Grammith the Warlord couldn't rule out the possibility of even greater increase in enemy onslaught, commanding the military clan leaders to be alert.

Grammith has indulged to make known about the military clan rating - Empire's newest leaderboard to track military clans' successes in battles with Survilurgs. One point of battle glory is awarded per battle won when defending against the Survilurgs' attacks at the clan's facilities. The rating is updated on regular basis; it is reset weekly.

The above is not the only intended use for battle glory, please stay tuned with the future Court announcements to learn more.

Best of luck in your combats and in building up the top positions in the military clan rating!
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