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I_N_S_A_N_E CL-10

AuthorI_N_S_A_N_E CL-10
Wow! This is too fast! Maybe cause this guy plays 16hrs a day:)


Bro i will always be proud of having you as friend:P
Give you a month and you might be among top players list:p
congratz :)
Insane CL-8

Insane- CL-9

7th july
Insane- CL-10

When is CL11???
Too fast bro..too fast

Gratz !
Congrats :)
Watch out Noldor... He is getting closer :P

Gratz! ^^
gratz bro.

some days ago i remember that u just reached cl 9 and today i see that u are cl 10 already. that is just too fast.
Gratz bro :)
Gratz :)
I'm nt tht fast..Just goin with the flow :)
congratz budy :)
Gratz mate :)
I'm nt tht fast..Just goin with the flow :)


I remember the days when u were lvl 6 and I was lvl 8 and now :|

keep up the good work bro :D
Ty for u luv... :)

for Lord DarkAtom:
Soon i'll be having a 4-5 year hybernate mode so u will be in lvl 12 or even more than tht n will find me in the same lvl :p
I_N_S_A_N_E you are great player :) becose you have got 6-7 lvl when i have 12 lvl but now i have 12 lvl and you have got 10 lvl nice job :)
I play this game long time , but i never see who can this fast get lvl :)
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