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army not showing

Authorarmy not showing
when i go to anyone's profile iam not able to see their army(including mine)

i tried zooming in and out but still no effect

can somebody help me?
Is everything else working? Like the map, your battles etc.

One thing that helped some is clearing your cache.

You can also try a different browser.
everything else is working perfectly

sometimes i see the army but after sometime again iam unable to see it

cache already cleared...still no use
now i have problems viewing talents also

is there any way i can fix this?
What browser, OS, version of Flash player?
OS--->Windows XP (32-bit)
flash player--->11.8.800.97
the army thing is kinda fine now but now iam not able to view past battles :(((
omg iam not able to see any items in the market now...this is sooo bad

can anyone help me?
images are taking a long time to load
Change your browser or reinstall you computer :)
If you change your browser then put mozilla firefox or maxthon 3
reinstall browser, always put two browser like chrome and Mozilla or any other like Comodo Icedragon etc
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