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AuthorFrom Suspenders to Shoulder Straps
When Grammith left the Capital to take the lead in the military backup of the expedition into the Past, he chose Kalirosh to leave in charge of his normal duties. To his great pleasure, his deputy proved reliable and thoughtful in all of his past directions; so he decided to propose the overseas councilor to attempt at forming some sort of program to improve the military order among fresh conscripts of the Empire.
Little did he know that this request would nonplus the veteran Knight. Proficient as he was with his faction, he was curating the Homeland Security ever since Her Majesty of the Old Empire reformed the military structure, leaving the military planning to the Barbarian ex-warlord, Thutkra.

Kalirosh had to ask for help of his colleagues, and Arabat and Kh'Everst answered his vow, interested in assisting their new Empire.
Arabat narrated about his observations of the old Empire's ancient tradition among professional hunters concerning their prey. Kh'Everst noted that hunt was one of the earliest types of combats where lords and ladies could fine-tune their teamwork.
As a result of their combined efforts and reasonable discussion, the following mandate was published later that day:

The amount of skill points obtained in hunt has been increased;
Experience to skill ratio has been changed for all hunts. Changes are especially significant for assistant hunters;
After hunts with assistance, gold and resources are automatically split in half between the two participants;
From now on, characters of combat levels 1-2 will use up to 4 creature stacks during their combat settlement, down from 7. Those of CL 3-4 will use up to 5 stacks.
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