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AuthorMilitary Clan Constructions
When Warlord Grammith joined the extraordinary council after being called to Her Majesty's presence, the other officials declared to him their disputed visions of the results of recently finished expedition into the Past. Unconcealed bewilderness verging on madness on the Warlord's face gave a full-sized impression of his reaction.

"Wait, what?! Do you all mean to agree that instead of preventing the Survilurgs from attacking us, we ourselves served as a starting point for their existence? And that they are, what, offsprings of my elite men?" Grammith took a split second to ponder on his words. "Hm, that explains why they are so persistent and steadfast", he looked up muttering before raising his voice again, "But... Is this really possible, I mean, practically?" he looked the present officials over with remaining awe in his physiognomy.
"I have this interesting theory about the creational power of mind", Bilir took word, interrupted at once by Abu-Bakir: "My dear colleague, that is nonsensical! I told you, it is all about the time lapse..."
"Enough!" The Warlord yelled, and the echo carried his irritation forth into every corner of the hall. The councilors grew quiet. "I do not wish to hear any of that", he said with a deep sigh. "Her Majesty is extremely displeased, the Survilurgs' attacks increased again, and She enjoins us to take immediate measures".
"My Academy will continue research. Knowing the origin of our foe might bring us closer to a solution", Abu-Bakir stated indefinitely.

"I have a proposition!", Kh'Everst suddenly spoke, and the looks of attending councilors fixed on him. "Among other tasks across the ocean, architectural design was one of my duties. Over the time we have been basking in your hospitality, I managed to study the Empire lands including their military infrastructure", Kh'Everst fished a piece of coal and a large blank rolled up parchment out of his pouch, and unrolled the scroll on the desk. "And based on that, I've had the idea on fortifying the strategic territories, including the Military clan castles."
Kh'Everst fell silent and set to outline plans of military structures in confident steady strokes, making those around him stretch their necks unconsciously in an attempt to distinguish the draughts...

Important news for Military Clan members concerning the use of Battle Glory points!
Councilor Kh'Everst has developed a draft plan of improving the MC castle infrastructure. After reviewing and adding a few edits, the Warlord approved it and distributed it among representatives of all MCs of the Empire.
In its current form it provides allowance for building three large military structures on the MC lands, the purpose of which is to increase certain parameters of all current members of given MC.
To begin construction of a structure, a MC must invest certain amount of BG. Clan members will need to cooperate in gathering required resources and providing them for construction. The MC keeps records of assistance in construction by all its members.
After the necessary resources are submitted to the construction site in full, it becomes possible to activate the structure's bonus immediately by spending certain amount of BG, as well as initiate construction of another structure.

Use this opportunity to maximise the potential of your Military clan, and remember that constant benefitting from these structures' bonuses requires maintaining necessary amount of Battle Glory!
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