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[Leasing] [Shop and other Artifacts - un-enchanted] [low rates]

Author[Leasing] [Shop and other Artifacts - un-enchanted] [low rates]
~~~~~~~~~~~~Renting items: (gold per battle and per day --- rates revised)~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~Head Gear~~~~~~~
Steel Helmet[E2F2]: 100 (Modifications: Earth magic shield 4% Fire magic shield 4%)
Steel Helmet: 75
Wizard Helmet: 95
Heavy mithril coif: 130

Platemail: 180
Wizard Attire: 130

Sword of might [E3]: 200
Mithril longsword: 325
Defender rapier: 500
Assailant`s poleaxe: 1500
Hell reaper`s scythe: 1750
Master hunter cutlass: 120
Master hunter dagger: 120

~~~~~~~Foot Gears~~~~~~~~
Steel boots: 120
Heavy mithril boots: 170
Master Hunter boots: 150

tower shield: 200
Master Hunter Shield: 150

Ring of abdication: 190
(2) Prophet ring: 190 each
(2) Signet-ring of might: 240 each

Cape of magical power: 190

Warrior pendant: 230
Amulet of luck: 50
Local Rule#2.2//It is forbidden to use words and expressions such as "best", "cheapest", "one in the whole server" etc, even if it is true at the moment of creating the thread.

So, please recreate your thread without this parameter in your thread-header:
[low rates].

and avoid using so many "~~", else you could be banned for long string violation.
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