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[Lease][Level 5 and Level 10 full ap set]

Author[Lease][Level 5 and Level 10 full ap set]

level 10
Sword of courage-140 gold/battle
Dragon shield-160 gold/battle
Ring of thorns-120 gold/battle (price of 1 ring)
Steel Boots-110 gold/battle
Maskrobe-100 gold/battle/Cape of Arcane Protection-130 gold/battle
Steel helmet-70 gold/battle
Warrior Pendent-200 gold/battle
Light mithril cuirass-120 gold/battle

Total cost-1140 gold/battle and 1170 gold/battle

level 5

Sword of retribution - 80 gold/battle
Amulet of luck- 54 gold/battle
Defender shield- 40 gold/battle
Galoshes of battle- 40 gold/battle
Hauberk - 75 gold/battle
Ring of Ambition-54 gold/battle
Chain helmet-54 gold/battle

Total cost- 450 gold/battle
prices are lower than the artifact shop price
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