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I dont see my items i have putted in market
I can find them in sections, but dont see in first page.
Stilli cant see my Stuff i have posted for sale in Market 1st page.

U know, usualy i can see my 3 loots witch are for sale, with time, and price, but now i cant see them. but if i look in List of market, i can fond them stand there.

Whay is that?
what is u item being sell in market?i will look for it and i tell u if it still there or not?
Temporal boots [i]
Durability: 18/30

Master hunter amulet [i]
Durability: 1/9

this is the loots i have now i market
Closing this
Yea, just a wierd glich, for this acc. Solved now :)
closed by iWanted (2013-11-05 22:09:47)
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