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[lease] [lvl5 shop artifacts]

Author[lease] [lvl5 shop artifacts]
I am starting to lease shop artifacts at 120% of normal artifact price, tax will not be charged.

Level 5:
sword of retribution - 80gold per battle
galoshes of battle - 40gold per battle
shield of glory - 95 gold per battle
2x ring of inspiration - 110 gold per battle ( each, 210 for both per battle )
Hauberk - 75 gold per battle
Chain helmet - 50 gold per battle
Amulet of Luck - 50 gold per battle
Short bow - 25 gold per battle
Get this whole set for 600 gold per battle only

On tournament days, i refund 50% per unused battle and on non tournament/events days i refund 90% per unused battle.

PLS private message me for further info. Prices are fixed and are non negotiable, they are all 120% of normal artifact price.
Since im generous, u may choose to change ring of inspirations to rings of doubt without extra charge :)

Level 6 set coming soon ^^
+ 1
Cheap and good pricing ^^
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