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Banned forum game.


AuthorBanned forum game.
Please follow format:

"Banned for..."

Let me start. :)

Banned for reading this.
You are banned for coming up with such a ridiculous topic/game ! :D

Warwick-the-wiz is banned for 666 days, 6 hours, 6 minutes and 6 seconds.
Banned for calling this game ridiculous!
Isn't that obvious?
Banned for banning Sir Jedi Knight!
Banned for not having a Capital letter at the start of your name. ;)
Banned for.... Bow ban :P
Banned for being 20!
U r Banned for Becoming Warwick-the-Dwarf instead of Warwick-the-wiz
Banned for not being S_A_N_E!
Banned for not being in A&D!
Arctic u r Banned for not giving me the salary of last month :p XD
Banned for having others name as nick ! :P
all of you are banned!! BECAUSE! you all are disgrace to the human kind :D
Banned for using underscores. This-> _
Banned for not being wiz, but dwarf!
Banned for being a dwarf. You have wiz in your name :P
Banned for repetition! Both of you.
Banned for banning 2 players at once.
Banned for following the pheonix
Banned by own will, literally...
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