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[Lease][BB Set/Thief Set][2900/2300 gold/battle]

Author[Lease][BB Set/Thief Set][2900/2300 gold/battle]
BB Set consists of:-

Beastbane spear
Beastbane Charm
Beastbane Helmet
Beastbane maskrobe
Beastbane Armour
Beastbane Shield
Beastbane Boots
Beastbane Band*2

The leasing cost is 2800 gold/battle

Set Bonus

+21 attack
+12 def
+25% intiative
+1 min-max dmg
+60% dmg to neutrals

Theif set consists of

Thief Dagger
Thief Boots
Thief Armor
Thief Cloak
Thief Crossbow
Thief Amulet
Thief Ring
Thief Mask

The leasing cost is 2300 gold/battle

Set Bonus
+5 attack
+29% initative
+9 defence
+1 luck
+1 morale
decreases ranged damage taken by 24%
Increases shooting range by 1 tile
Increases melee damage dealt by 10%

set bonus:

10% initative to lord

+1 speed
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