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[Buy] 0 Durablity Wooden sword/sheild

Author[Buy] 0 Durablity Wooden sword/sheild
If u got 0 durability wooden sword or sheild dont Discard it plz trasfer to me i would buy it for 5-15 gold
Local Rule#2. Thread headers in this branch must fit the following standard:
[Transaction type][Item][Mod][Durability][Price]

[Item] - compulsory for indicating. If there are multiple items to trade, it is required to type [Various artifacts] or other relevant batch item description. It is forbidden to list multiple item names in [Item] parameter.

Durability] - compulsory parameter for "Sell" and "Exchange" types in case if the item is single or if all of multiple items have exact same durability. It is indicated using the two numbers as it is displayed in the inventory: [current dur/current max dur].

To make it easy for you, here is an example of a header, which you can use to create another thread:

[Buy][Various Arts]

And then give all the details inside the thread, as you did in this thread already.
closed by ElfPride (2013-11-26 15:51:20)
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