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[Military Clan] #3572 Colossus


Author[Military Clan] #3572 Colossus
Colossus - a clan of active ambitious players

For the first time players of .com community have a chance to become a part of the most successful clan community.

Titans, Colossus and Giants are parts of a game community that strives to assume their rightly deserved place - The Olympus.
Colossus is the recruit clan for the most successful clan in the events - The Titans.
Transfer to Titans available from combat level 16.

Honor, conscience and morals - our main satellites in development, and our main strength in unity and mutual assistance that grant us the right to fully accomplish ourselves!
We will be worthy of greatness of our elder brothers and we will take the place at Olympus top!

Colossus! The clan which has united those who won't pursue personal benefit.
Each of us, first of all, defends interests of the clan.
Advantages of joining:
-Chance to play with skillful and disciplined clan mates, thus maximizing your chances for successful play.
-Experiencing a true "Military clan" organization, with experienced and skillful logistics that allows you to fulfill the whole potential of your character.
-Ever active clan building bonuses.
-Warehouse of the clan holds more then 160 artifacts, including various enchanted sets. Arts are given at very accessible prices.
-A very active community, with lots of experienced players, ready to help you with advice.
-A very active general clan chat working in Skype, both in Russian and English language.
-Several clan oriented websites with various helpful information and tools.
-Various clan contests and card tournaments.
-Best available blacksmith and enchanter services, at lowest prices.
-Compensations from clan treasury for achievements in events, and for successful defenses of clan facilities.
-Chance to participate in various HWM Daily contests and tournaments, and other events.
For joining the clan it is necessary:
- to understand the need of active participation in protection of the clan facilities and construction of clan buildings;
- to understand necessity of discipline in forming clan vanguards;
- to be combat level 12 or higher; the introduction for smaller levels is in some cases possible;
- preference to those who actively develop character, have achievements from tournaments and events, good guild points, have the main fsp level not worse than average for the level and\or a ring of faction resistances;
- to own full set of shop artifacts or sufficient means for its rent;
- to have a stable financial position;
- to pay an entrance fee of 5000 gold - cost of the invitation, which is returned back if you play defenses of facilities;
- to be ready to pay monthly clan taxes, which are returned back if you defend clan facilities at a regular basis.

Since clan is interested in accepting only the best available players every application is judged on case by case basis.

So, do not waste your time, mates, send your applications and grab yourself an opportunity to enjoy this game at its best. :)
Hi everyone :)
Player banned by moderator Lord STB until 2013-12-14 11:04:24 // LR6.1 Clans / Please do not bump more often than once in 24h.
I have a question, about banning Great-Spartacus (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=2720056) in Clan part of the forum.

I believe that he was not bumping the thread, but simply wanting to start a communication in the thread, and to show that there are lots of people in the clan who can communicate in English.

I actually am planing to ask more people in the clan to join the communication.
We want to show our potential new members that they do not have to fear problems with ingame communication.
Most of the .com clans do not have problem with this, since it is understood that their "official" language is English.
Same, I believe that it would be perfectly ok for .com clans to start communication in Russian language on their home pages.

Great-Spartacus made only one post, his first one in the whole thread, welcoming new members.
That is not the bumping.
That is welcoming new members.

Rules are pretty clear here.

5. The following actions are allowed in the Clans forum:
5.3. Welcoming new members.

6. The following actions are forbidden in the Clans forum:
...Any constructive conversation, quotation of the chat log or referring to it in view of a clan problem, posting informative advertisement text blocks with proper limitations (see 6.5.), discussing in-clan game issues, etc. is not considered a violation.

Now, I see that most of the clans use their part of the forum for plain advertisement of their clan, basically bumping their thread every now and then.
But this place can be actually used for constructive purposes.
We are planing to inform our new members of all the services and benefits that our clan can provide to them.
Events, contests, interesting achievements and stuff.
Basically presenting our clan to the general population, and trying to attract new members.
Meaning that sometimes there will be several posts in one day.
If Moderators see that as bumping, then we have a problem.
Not just our clan, but the whole gaming community.
Is this not a place to present our clans?
It is hard to do that if the whole clan, 250 members, are allowed only 1 post per day???
I am aware that it is a possible "grey zone" but, I assure you that there will be no abuse of the rules, at least not in this thread.
There are more then enough activities in any serious clan to inform their potential new members about them, at least once or twice a week.
Do not see any need for bumping it every day.
On the contrary, we believe that attitude is something that turns away serious players.

Perhaps moderators should reconsider the meaning of the forum rules.
I would really like to hear an oppinion of someone close to the game administration, like our all mighty Arctic :)

I belive that it is in the best interest of the game to start making bridges between our two communities, .com and .ru
Because there are 2 communities, although there is 1 game.
And deniying option for mixed clans to welcome members of the other communitiy, well, it just do not seems right to me.
The "Hi everyone" post in itself doesn't really start a new conversation, and doesn't specifically greet new members, so I'm afraid, I personally also find this post falling under rule 6.1:
6.1. Bumping the thread more than once in 24 hours. Bump is considered any post with the sole purpose of bringing the thread on top.

On the other hand, you are more than welcome to introduce this topic in a more presentable way, which you already have done, I believe =) Indeed, an active, powerful and successful Russian clan where there's not much of a language barrier may be something very acclaimed by our community, and I welcome such discussion.
Thank you Arctic for clarifying that, we will do our best not to break rules any more.

I would like to call for all my clan mates who can speak English to join this thread and say their welcomes to our brothers in English speaking community.
We would also be very grateful for all Titans who would join this thread, and help in constructing a new bond between our two communities.

Please be disciplined, and do not abuse rules.
Welcome our potential new members, and offer them advice and help in our clan.

Colossus enters semifinals in HWM Daily tournament

HWM Daily, an internet newspapers dedicated to Lords of War and Money game organizes different tournaments and contests for both individual players and Military clans.
This is the link to the portal: http://daily.heroeswm.ru/

There is also an English version of newspaper, although for now only a part of the articles are translated to English.

It would be great if there would be more of English text there, so if anyone has the will to help in translating we encourage you to contact HWM stuff and offer your help.

HWM Daily has organized "Soldiers of Fortune" tournament, a holidays clan tournament of 12th and 13th combat levels.

Sixteen Military clans started the tournament, which has currently came to the semifinals.
More details you can find here:

Through 2 stages, in which MCs contested within their groups, tournament has come to the play off.

I can proudly announce that once again Colossus has found its way into the top MCs of the Empire.

This is the link to the first stage of the game:

And the link for the second stage of the tournament:

There you can find results, and by clicking on links you can also see replays of the battles.
Rules of the tournaments are FFA, meaning there is no limitations on equipment, therefore most of the contestants are fighting in the best available combat gear, including various heavily enchanted artifact sets.
Some of the battles were really nerves breaking and very close until the end, so place yourself comfortably and enjoy :)

Semifinal battle for Colossus will be today, 18.12.2013. at 22:00 server time.
You can watch it first handed, just check the "Group Battles" tab in your game at that time.

I wish best of luck to my clan mates who will defend clan banner, and best of fun for all those who will watch the battle.

Colossus, to Victory!
Strength and Grace, Sky and Infinity!
Transfer to Titans available from combat level 16.

I have one question with this respect, joining or entrance fee is taken inclusive of this transfer?

(Asking here, so that those interested can know it)
The procedure for joining clan is next:

Player asks the leader of the clan or some of the recruiters if there is free places in the clan.

The leadership of the clan inspects the players character for possible financial violations, or other form of rules transgression.
Everyone can make a mistake, important thing is that a new member is ready to correct what he has done wrong.
The Colossus is a "cheater free" clan and it is the wish of our members that it stays so.

Every application is considered on the "case by case" principle.
The most important things are the will for active play ,discipline and respect for clan mates.
It is highly desirable that the player has a stable financial situation, or at least the will to accomplish it.

After the character is inspected, player is informed that his application has been approved, and that he can transfer invitation fee.

I have been warned by our treasurer that the compensations for playing defenses are not active right now, so no more money back for invitation.

But the compensations for defending facilities is set to 105%, and that way you can actually make a profit for your character.
It is quite possible to find a combination of artifacts for each level, which would yield you a profitable battle loot.
Combined with the fact that defense vanguards gives good fsp/xp ratio makes defenses very popular.

For joining the Titans it is best to inform yourself about it directly to their recruiters.
All information about it can be found at their clan profile.

I usually use http://www.translate.ru/
For I also am not a Russian speaker. :)
Members of Colossus wish Merry Christmas to all of players who celebrate it on the Gregorian calendar.

And to all people of good will in general. :)
All the best to all players of Lords of War and Money from the members of Colossus.

Happy new year!

And do not exaggerate with food and drinks :)
Members of Colossus wish Merry Christmas to all of players who celebrate it on the Julian calendar.

Happy Birthday Borg80.
Happy Birthday, Set13th!

Happy Birthday, KuperSp!

Happy Birthday, Replekator!
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