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HoTA - new unofficial add-on to Heroes 3


AuthorHoTA - new unofficial add-on to Heroes 3
New town Cove seems weak.What do you think?
Not really. The creatures themselves aren't very strong, but some of those have impressive numbers. For example, crewmen and ayssids excel with their growth. The sea dog upgrade gives a lot as well.
I only played campaing, not multiplayer (+ one single scenario) and cave army looks pretty strong. sea men doesn't have any upgrade but doing a lot of damage. upgraded sea dogs and sorceress are good shooters. Nix are superb with their ability.

Also starting heroes has good abilities.

One of the cons is a lot of wood needed to build building. Also troops don't have any critical upgrade (like vampires for necro e.g.). Also cannon price is very high, i know it is deadly (but i used it only specialized hero).

Also hero with clone specialization looks overpowered on larger maps (on small one he get problem with mana at least).
One of the fans made an unofficial trailer to HotA:


So there are no more Heroes 3 players here?
Will it work on ios..
I don't have windows so if u got a link for ios plz send it :)
for Ur_End_Is_Here:

I don't know if it's possible, but there was some picture in the internet with Heroes played on some mobile...
Meanwhile, I opened a first offline HotA tournament on HeroesPortal (russian-speaking Heroes of Might and Magic fansite). We do have tournament entry translated to English though.
Also, working on first hand-made G (Gigantic) map. It is about to be released in 2-3 weeks (a lot of decorations to put) xD
How its going Worf?
40% done roughly. It's a huge work)

Drew all continents already and the underworld, placed some castles, began to fill the continents.
Good to hear that :)
A little announcement from official forum:

If there are some native English speakers, that would want to help the team and to proofread the game texts, please send me your Skype names. Right now there is only one proofreader in the chat and the amount of work is too big for that.

Source: http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=39830&pagenumber=54
A new version o HotA is avaible!

Here is a link to forum thread:
No one interested in this beautiful game with great add-on?
Big thanks PenTus!!

I will try this weekend with my gf :)
Almost forgot the good times i passed with this game!
for WoodBox:

Hey WoodBox,

Did you played HotA already?

Is there anybody out there?
I want o try this out. Can anyone confirm if it works with windows 8???
yeah if it works on windows 8 i will download as well
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