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HoTA - new unofficial add-on to Heroes 3


AuthorHoTA - new unofficial add-on to Heroes 3
First english version of HoTA (Horn of the Abyss) - add-on to Heroes of might and magic 3 was relesed few days ago. It adds one new town (sea pirates theme), some new artifacts and objects on map.

You can read about HoTA here (also mirror to download):

If you don't have Heroes 3 you can buy them on GOG site:

GOG edition is working under Win7 without any problems.

After instalation on pure sod, or complete edition I strongly recommend to install also HD mod which can be found here:

In HD mod you can play in different resolutions (like 16:9 ratio on laptop) and there are some improvements to game making it more user friendly.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask.
Nice that it's finally available in english :)
You are right Magier ;)
I'm running WoG 3.58f for a long time; both on XP and Win7. Works fine.

The doubts I have though.. I want to install HoTA, but I've understood that new castle will replace Fortress, and Fortress happens to be my favorite castle in HMM3, so... it's a big dilemma)
[Post deleted by moderator Worf // ]
Oh! I am glad to admit I was wrong:)

The new full version is compatible with Fortress. Actually, I've just downloaded it and playing it atm, it's absolutely fantastic:) The new 256*256 Gigantic maps just made my day.
Nice that HotA make people happy :)

Also give a chance to HD mod its really superb!
Actually, it appeared that HD mod is a must. When I tried to play w/o it, the game often crashed during AI turns. After I applied HD mod and chose a 32-bit True color palette, all crashes stopped.
Here is a list of changes in HD mod:

- fixes some original interface bugs;
- 32-bit color mode support;
- minimap works correctly with nonstandard maps from 1x1 to 255x255
- extended adventure manager:
- 8 heroes and 7 towns in lists, + five buttons from adventure options;
- can view hero's current number of movement points/ maximum number of movement points;

extended army management (OFF in WoG/TE by default, cause incorrect work with creature's exp):
- 17 new buttons on Swap Manager;
- managing army in Hero-Info-Panel on Adventure Manager;
- if moving last army from hero, 1 creature stay with hero and others move;
- quick split/combine/transfer creatures by [ctrl]+click, [alt]+click, [shift]+click.

- Extra buttons ("Load Game" "Restart Scenario", "Main Menu") in the Combat Options dialog;
- Artifact Merchants bugs fix;
- built-in Berserker's CPU patch;
- easy DEF, PCX, TXT, FNT adding/replacing by putting it to \HiResData\Common (which have higher priority than \DATA and LODs)
Still no one is interested?
i will play this, as i'm a big heroes fan.
Just downloaded.
The latest update freezes on windows 8. Trying the HD mod next.
Playing 5th map on second HotA campaign :)
Tell me how many maps have second campaign?
At the moment I am playing a custom H-sized map:) It's so huge that after 4-5 hours of playing I barely managed to explore 1/10 of the upper territory and about 1/20 of underground.
for Worf:

Is H-size is biggest?

for -Cip-:

2nd campaing got 6 maps
Y, it's the biggest. Absolutely awesome)
5th map of second campaign finished, scenario was very interesting, but opponent was easy. Scenario end was very boring......

I also looked at one G map made by random generator, was awful :( At least I didn't play it - only looked at whole map with a cheat :)
tried 1 easy map with new town.its great,also HD
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