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Blank screen, even with latest version of Flash

AuthorBlank screen, even with latest version of Flash
I can neither do battles or play Arcomage. Instead of the part of the screen where the battle or tavern game should be (the rectangular area), it remains blank.
I have the latest version of flash, the Health and Mana indicators on either side are intact as is my recruit count on the homepage.
I can neither change my Talents or Recruitment either :(
And now all flash based components and images are NOT loading.
Sorry for triple post, the problem seems to be with the LWM server which hosts these components.
All the flash components and images are loading when I login from .ru
Its working now on .com
Idk what the real problem is.
Im also experiencing the problem,no flash based images load
Bug with latest version of flash, reverted to 11.7 stable. Fixed. For now.
And no longer fixed. Even with the stable version of Flash.
ok,now what version of flash i should download..?
closed by Divit (2014-01-18 22:42:58)
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