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AuthorMilitary Clan Alliances
The military inter-clan situation in the Empire continues evolving. On the very next day after clan-on-clan fights had begun, Military clan leaders and their advisors realised that having an ally in the new insecure medium would be highly useful, if not vitally necessary. Be it for swift coordination of an assault or for easier composition of matching combat levels, an allied clan would be equally useful.

Parleys for forging clan alliances may be held in the new "Embassy" military clan building available for construction.
Any military clan may be allied with only one other MC at any one time. Forging a new alliance is possible no sooner than in 5 days after severing the previous alliance.
Allied clans may only cooperate in filling intercepted clan-on-clan challenges during the onslaught phase.

In the meantime, the free guilds also monitor the military status quo. The Commanders' guild has already announced rewarding clan points to all members of victorious party of 3x3 clan-on-clan combats where the difference in total sums of combat levels at each side wouldn't exceed 5.

The Empire Court carefully tracks the situation. All counceling with Grammith and responsible Court members happens behind closed doors, your herald has nothing to illuminate with at this point.

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