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When do you tell a girl that you like/love her?


AuthorWhen do you tell a girl that you like/love her?
Hey guys, I'm doing some Valentine's Day survey. So When do you tell a girl that you like/love her?

(1) Morning
(2) Afternoon
(3) Evening
(4) Night

Your response is pretty much appreciated ;)
(4) Night

All day long, not only on Valentine.
As soon as possible. Tell her right now ;)
(4) Night


Probably the best time of day. =)
well anytime is good. I mean even if you wake her up in the middle of the night and tell her it is ok to let your feelings out anytime. just make sure youre both serious and sober lol.
3 afternoon
I need more responses :)
(1) Morning
(2) Afternoon
(3) Evening
(4) Night

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All day long
Thx for all ya warm responses.....but please juz choose 1 answer ;)

Thx :P
Happy Women's Days, everyone :)

Can we get the responses coming?

Thx ^_^
Do whatever you want.
Tell her when you think you are screwed while watching her with another dude :D
get drunk then tell her. she'll realise you mean it more and were too shy to say it while you were sober. gives you the 'cute' look.
Why is Afternoon number 2 and Evening number 3 ?

I understand you're gathering real answers, so here's mine (though, time doesn't matter) : Afternoon.
1 - 2- -3 -4
for sexy_girlz1989:

btw are you a sexy girl who was born in 1989 or are you a guy lookin for tips

The best way, imo, is to do that in the middle of romantic evening:) Cause if you do it properly, there is a big chance that an unforgettable night is about to follow.
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