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Talents not effective?

AuthorTalents not effective?
I just now encountered a very wierd problem.


In this battle,it shows that my hero has no talents selected,when I went to my character page,(while in the battle) It showed that I had my three holy talents.But in the combat they were not there or something?

After the battle I checked my talents and again I had those talents in place.

I would like to know if this is a bug or Ive missed some detail?I have been playing this holy build for about 2 weeks now and this is the first time Ive encountered this problem.

If ive missed something,Id be glad to get the answer and if this is a bug then Id request some mod to shift it to the appropriate section.

Same happen to me...i think its a bug :S
same here, waiting to be fixed
what happen to me all mass buff has gone, cant summon phantom.........
we have a change to win this


re-log in then got loading problem till i die i feel so sorry to the person who helping me.
Summon phantom worked for me in last battle no problem =)
This same bug happened to me as my luck became 0 even after advanced fortune. first i thought i dced in combat with -2 luck, then i found my luck is 2 in character page.
this bug can be fixed , all you need to do is goto your talents and reset them and reassign them to the talents you want. then it will work
[Post deleted by moderator MrBattleControl // ]
can anyone give reason about that??
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