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International lordswm QQ messenger group invitation.


AuthorInternational lordswm QQ messenger group invitation.
For every .com lord and lady,I think you may encounter same problems such as:
When you are looking for a team/opponent during facility defense/event/PT/CG/QT
When you are eager to find someone to enchant/buy/sell/repair/lease/rent arts
When you want to find some experienced players for inquiring/sharing/discussing
When you want to share a script or ST waves or event prediction,anything alike
When you realised that .com players should unite and do something together
When you received a Russian language E-mail or been surrounded by Russians during battles which made you confused

You can't find anyone.

So you check the online friends and send them emails or you log in skype to attend the group discussion,still it lags and you turned out to be lonely again.

Now some of the active players have joined the International lordswm QQ messenger group for better communication and sharing .I'm here now to invite all of you to join our super elite International Lordswm Group!

Our Objective:
1.better communication for all English speaking players
2.game organizations including in game event team organizations or any other normal battles match(such as CG/GB).
3.Chatting and discussing about everything worldwide and actively.

How to join:
1.Go to website: http://www.imqq.com/ and download the program.
2.Register an account and log in
3.Searching the QQ group with number 176960060
4.Join it and some of the admins in group will confirm it.

1.You must speak English or else keep silence,other languages will make you kicked out.
2.You must change your group name into in game name+level. e.g. eddy_fish lv16
3.Be polite and no flooding/spamming intentionally.

Why use QQ?
It is the most popular online chatting platform in China, favored by over 200 millions users -- don't worry, they have international versions in English.
Here's some advantages of QQ compared with skype:
- No more lags. You don't have to wait forever for msg to load before you can send message. You don't need to kick out someone and re-invite and wait forever which is very common in skype.
- A lot more practical functions like sharing files permanently, custom screenshot, image post, "at" someone with important message so they won't miss it, etc.
- Tons of custom emotions, making the chat a lot more enjoyable.
- Better group chat management, custom font and so on...

For our EW clan leader Edwin and some members have already tried it recently, and we all agree that it behaved pretty well and we should give it a try. So why don't you come and join us? :)
You got a member .
WoW so fast :)
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Off-game forum".
oh , it looks funny , i wish to join to see the "high engineer" :)))
Come on guys!
32 active members already :)
Are you sure that it don't have any negatives?
Are you sure that it don't have any negatives?

Yea I'm pretty sure brother lol

Cause I created it days ago and invited active English speakers and they must be active or else they won't have a chance to accept the invitation. :)
M not getting verification code :(
Nor able to sign up with Facebook
Didn't see you there,any problem with the registering?
Not available in blackberry -_-
I did join
Sent request
Request sent to Edy :)
Welcome fellows!

Nice to see you in town. :)
oh man, Registration part is really frustrating.
someone tell me, how to get the verification code?
ahh, finally done...
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