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Remember when? A thread for old-timers to talk about when this game was new


AuthorRemember when? A thread for old-timers to talk about when this game was new
Well, to be honest, I've only been here like 5 years or so. I certainly remember when things weren't as advanced as they are now. But I sometimes wonder what things were like when this game was still in beta. So if you remember the old, old days, a long, long time ago, please post.


I remember a time before Tribal Faction and before Dwarf faction. Before there was such a thing as different classes of character (Might Knight vs. Red Knight, etc.). When you had 7 attempts at Survival Tournament. When artifacts were higher priced but had an autosell value. When you could use presents in Survival Tournaments. When there were no sound effects in combat. When .com and .ru were two different places. When I had a 5-digit ID number. When New Years cocktails didn't have an expiration date.

Well, there may be a few little other things, but that's all I remember right now. Got any older memories? I would love to hear them.
That time was of 2008
I was not familiar to the game !
My bro played it a lot
I just hated it
But slowly and gradually i begin to love this game..
And that time the best thing was i did not knew what roulette is ? :)
I did not even knew what is the function of speed of a troop !
But enjoyed a lot !
But suddenly I don't know what was the case.. we gradually forgot this game !
After years in 2013 .. Dunno how my bro remembered of this game !
And now i am crazy behind it ! :)
I remember when top players on .com were level 8 :) Also, there was no minimal AP, no workaholic, no tier 7 creatures and upgrades only up to tier 3.
I think Alyna was no. 1 back in the days.. sad that he/she left the game
Arctic got blocked which started a rebellion lol
Squash the rebellion -- that rebellion. And keep Arctic in the pit.

Viva la Revolucion!...
There was Kusika i think
When hunt assists gave you some fsp and 0 exp. I remember how would I stalk for people needing hunt assists.
the time was when antos was everybody'shero!
The time when Tier 5 upgrades came and there was a tournament about it and I didn't know I could use spells with clerics and didn't win any fight.

The time when level 14s could do hunts with 70/60 Tier 1/2 creatures only :D
When the map only had 5 locations - Great Capital, East Bay, Yellow Lake, Silent Hill, Blooming Glade

When Moonstones were 15-16k and TGIs were 350-400k

Fat wizards :(

When the top Faction Skill level was 9 and it was hard to achieve.

Arctic got blocked which started a rebellion lol

One of the best community moments of the game. Many people came together to enjoy a role-playing aspect that we hadn't seen before and perhaps will not again.
I remember when they removed buildings that gave temporary effects and replaced them with talents.


I used to have a transfer log entry that mentioned the refund for the building but it isn't there anymore.

When Kiskoko was no.1
When Jedi-Knight put a lot of questions on forums
When Survival Tournament was like every other tourney, not so common
When mana recovery worked in survival tournament
When mini-artifacts were very expensive and selling them refunded less money than you spent on them so you needed to be very careful what path you will choose in the future
When mini-artifacts were refunded and rich wizards bought estates
When LG wages were higher (ratios for each LG level) and people were complaining about low wages
This was the last year before the merge
When seeing a UI was a big thing
Seeing a DU was amazing

And the time when I had to worry only about Slayerofall and his multis to win the ST ^^
The time when Tier 5 upgrades came and there was a tournament about it and I didn't know I could use spells with clerics and didn't win any fight.

The throne tournament was indeed fun. I remember playing with dragons when they were introduced, it was totally unbalanced, but still, a nice tournament :)
Yea throne tournament was awesome , I think i played with either angels or behemoths..
THe throne tournamet same as NYC tournament? simply awesome
I remember having a perfect score of 16, i think.. with Dark and twilight dragons
Totally unbalanced :D
How many throne battles have there been? I see in my logs the ones of up tier 5, up tier 6 and up tier 7.

I remember from the old days that level 14 seemed like impossible to get, same for faction level 9. Didn't having fl 9 get you +1 luck back in those days?

I also remember saving a whole summer to get enough gold for a TGI. Luckily we still had the old wages and no workaholic penalty. I even had to get a small loan from the clan since the grand update came and TGI prices would go up fast :D.

Aaah, the good old days ;-)
When our community was more united, when the smallest hint of event would excite us like nothing. When commander guild battles was a new luxury and CG1 was big achievement.. the era of PvE, the dark ages. Desperate posts everywhere on forum questioning arctic. Councilir feurlis' challenge and his defeat... when barbs annhilated magicians like insects, when level 13 was the top level.
When..There was elite warriors militiary clan and all awesome ppl were in it.
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