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Donation problem with Paypal

AuthorDonation problem with Paypal
Not sure what the deal is, but here is the information that appears when I try to check out with Paypal:

TIMESTAMP = 2014-04-15T17:53:03Z
CORRELATIONID = f19c40841872
ACK = Failure
BUILD = 10567876
L_ERRORCODE0 = 10002
L_SHORTMESSAGE0 = Restricted account
L_LONGMESSAGE0 = Account is restricted
The PayPal API has returned an error!
Correlation ID:f19c40841872
Error Number:10002
Short Message:Restricted account
Long Message:Account is restricted
Short Message:Restricted account
Long Message:Account is restricted

I've had this before, you need to check your paypall account. In my case it ment they needed my ID to check it was really me. If you don't find it right away just sent an e-mail to Paypal support, they answer rather fast and help really good.

Should be solved fast.
So I called customer service. They insisted that my account was in good standing and that they weren't blocking any websites. Since the Paypal window doesn't even open when I click the link, they suggested that the problem was on the merchant side. I also tried going through the .ru side of things, but it doesn't appear Paypal is an option for our Russian brethren.
I see now, I tried using paypal after your second message, its the same problem for me. Must be a lords things then, happened before (took a month back then..)..

All we can do is wait )
This means their merchant account is restricted, it has nothing to do with your individual accounts. (I was a PayPal merchant for years) PayPal probably flagged their international transfers, which they do... very often. PayPal is nice for customers, terrible for merchants.
Sorry for the double post, but:

Your PayPal merchant account has been restricted. Contact your PayPal account manager for resolution.

From PayPal developer support site:
Same for me :( can't give my money for game ...
Kindly rectify it soon , I have some donations for you.
Does anybody know if this is going to be fixed soon? Mailed the Dealer about that a little time ago but no answer... :/ Paypal is by far the most reliable way to donate IMHO. I have been checking at the options in the donate page and its not there also... In case it looks like its not gping to be fixed, any advice on a method similar to Paypal?
Like I said happened before (took a month back then..)..

Lets hope it gets fixed faster this time )
I hope they just open up a debit/credit card option apart from PayPal.
It's working

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