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SunnyDaisy (1st) and other top places at the portal of time


AuthorSunnyDaisy (1st) and other top places at the portal of time
congrats to all !
Gratz all. Ii had a querie relatd to this topic, if we win 6 combats, will we get anything?
Congratulations all!))))
for K5isback:
7+win, I think so it was in the previous
+ good for much players like me! Good luck in next event to all!!!
Congrats to all :)
Congrats, great achievement!
Great achievement, and it's all done without active clan building bonus!
Impressive!! congratz to all! :)
Thanks to all and congrats to all who achieved their aimed wins :p
does anyone know when is the next event and what? o:)
congrats all
well done and congrats to all
gratz mates! and EW player's did this even playing with me! that's really impressive! :p
yeah you could have warned us before hand tho enano :P

ps. thx all
Congratulations all!
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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