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AuthorCloud Communique
Wizard forces of every upstream cloud offered greater resistance, they were better equipped and showed greater military skills. More and more powerful armies, more often equipped with the recently discovered armaments were a tremendous challenge which the Empire forces were putting their greatest merits to overcome. Soon, elite detachments of the wizard armies stepped into the defense. Intrigued by the potential beauty and wealth of the cloud settlement capital and of the secrets its denizens were so jealously protecting, the lords and ladies of the Empire persistently continued their ascension.

Not only the military was putting their best efforts. The brightest representatives of the Academy of Magical sciences were working day and night to study the discovered specimens of armaments. A huge breakthrough was made when Bilir, the Head of Academy of the Lost Empire, arrived at the researchers' lab driven by rumours of newly-found armaments. To his great amazement, the items appeared in one way or another to be a refurnished practical implementation of one of his old ideas which he theorized a lot upon. He was able to explain a lot about the armaments, among other things determining the process of their reparation after full durability loss.

In general, the round-up is as follows:
1) Elite creatures have been spotted among the enemy forces, wielding yet unseen power and many more abilities.
2) It has been reported that the further up a battle is won, the greater chance there is to locate an armament.
3) The process of repairing the armaments has been determined. The process itself requires no special materials, but each reparation damages the casing, and for that reason, extra coating will have to be added on each reparation. Repairing an armament for the first time for 30 days costs only 500 gold, but that costs goes up by 10% with each subsequent repair. After looting an armament of the same type, its repair cost will drop down to the original value.
4) The energy for keeping the portal open is running out. The portal will shut tomorrow midnight. The researchers' efforts are directed at studying the possibility of producing or finding armaments outside the cloud settlement.
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