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AuthorGenius is Simplicity!
Despite being struck by the treachery witnessed by Abu-Bakir in the walls of the Cloud capital, he was not giving in to despair. Or at least, the court wizard was doing his best not to display it, silently bearing with the pain tormenting his soul. The only thing that could distract him from the bitter thoughts was work on anything that could bring use to the Empire and its subjects.

Dictated by his innate intuition that has rendered him so much service over decades, Abu-Bakir quickly determined which of the discovered objects should be studied first. The court wizard invited his colleague Bilir, and over a sleepless night, the tandem of a great practitioner and a genius theorist was all it took for another revolutionary revelation. It concerned creature armaments - a new method of their creation, so simple that it has evaded many minds looking for more complicated solutions. The senior Academic himself refused to believe it until he personally crafted a sample with his own hands, guided by Bilir's precise instructions. To his grief, he got a faerie armament while he was trying to craft one for grotesques, but nonetheless, the theory was proved right, and with enough training, this method was perspective to be employed in all Empire.

Lords and Ladies,
The brightest minds of the Academy of Magical sciences developed a method for creating armaments in field conditions. They may be assembled out of salvaged Survilurg ammunition right on the battlefield just after a victorious combat. All it takes is a little luck to locate the necessary parts, in which case an apprentice craftsman within your party will assemble an armament right away. Chances to loot an armament in defense battles are higher than when attacking captured facilities or intercepting challenges.
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