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A few covers

AuthorA few covers
[Post deleted by moderator Arcanide // On request]
Nice covers mate! I really like Piano and always dreamt of doing it myself.. Keep it up!
This should have more attention! Can you play songs that are n the radio? I mean like the music of "Happy" or.. ;p
I can. But I would need to learn them.
I had learned how to play a.solo of Set Fire To The Rain but I forgot how to play it :(
I can play set fire to the rain solo too :D
Learnt it recently online
Littletranscriber cover? Thats the one I had learnt.
I really like it.

I remember, my dad bought the big piano for me when i was in 4th grade and i used to press buttons randomly and brag everywhere about my music :P
I always wanted to play like a pro... but i grew to spend all my free time on computer games :|
hey i can do a cover in my electric and then we can dub it up and create a international dubstep song ^^
that wouls be awesome :D
for siddi1111:
Let me know via PM
I'm extremely flexible on songs.
Very nice,amazed!
Anyone have suggestions to what piece to learn next?
hm.. why dont u make a band?
Fur Elise is one I really like.. I love to hear that whenever I'm stressed!
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