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Goodbye arctic :)
Haffun and good luck for ur real life
I cant beleive u are going.. :'(
U have always been support for the commies..:)
good luck! -^.^-
Goodbye and Goodluck! :(
We will miss you alot. :/
sad day but i understand...what was most important and difficult you already did here

Enjoy Arctic and good luck!(bow)
Thanks for all the hard work you did for us. I hope this is not goodbye forever and that we will meet again in battle some day. Good luck with your job and personal life :).
Thank you arctic for all that you have done for us though you leave us now i am sure that you will return some day even if it is only to play (and i sincerely hope to see the herald back in action in the future)
Thank you for all you've done for .com during its darkest times; friends do not say goodbye, they say see you again so I'll see you around somewhere, sometime
Troll ban :P
Thank you for all the hard work u did for us :D
U will never be forgotten :')
Be well and good luck. Hope to see you some time on skype :), See you.
I'm really sorry to hear you resign. Your watchful presence will be missed, as well as your vivid, captivating event descriptions, that shaped our perception of the LWM world.

I wish you all the best in your future path and I hope to see your return to LWM community some day.
Au revoir, friend.
[Post deleted by moderator Wertz // ]
Goodbye and Goodluck! :(
We will miss you alot. :/
We will wait, friend.
Felt very bad :(
(hug) Good luck in real life arctic ! :)
Thank you for all Arctic and good luck in your real life!
thank you for all your efforts.

will miss your lovely stories.
for velniukstis:
for AKA:

unfortunately there is a limit for chars shown in ban reason message. Full message wasnt shown. It supposed to be:

"5. If you've decided to leave the game - no need to create a topic about it here. It is your personal decision, not the common game problem. Please, leave the game silently - don't make a negative impression for those who like the game.
Good luck to you. Hope the road of your life will bring you home. ".com" was and will always remain your home sweet home."

indeed, velniukstis, don't leave a negative impression to those that like the game.

Some things MUST be said, and he did well.

That from a "normal" player you require to avoit troublesome noises when he decides to stop, is understandable;

Less so when a member of the team, on whom most of the community counts, announces his departure: then it is not only an act of kindness, but even a duty, to say so, since if he doesn't most people will keep waiting for him - and then yes, they will get disappointed.

There were already a lot of messages appearing wondering about Arctic, and why we had no news of the past 2 events.
It was part of his "job" to send this last message, and the only reproach you can give him is that instead of making it into an annoucement, he put it in GC (and if it was an announcement, we'd get complains about his "pompousness" i'm sure.. *Doh!*

Rules are there to allow all players an enjoyable experience, not to make them into psychorigid machines, and should always be interpreted in this sense.

And back to topic:
Thanks Arctic for keeping us running so long and *not* leaving silently, and Farewell!
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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