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to those who are criticizing the ban:
Arctic would not mind that ban. he also banned himself few times just to show, no one is above the rule. velniukstis just followed the rule. so issues here.
Thanks Arctic for all the work towards the game and community.
Have fun in Rl and see you back soon :)
Yeah not sure why people are getting upset at velniukstis, because he was at the very least following the rules.

I don't know about anyone else, but that ban made me chuckle. I saw it as a joke and his personal way of saying goodbye and showing appreciation. I mean, the single most important person to this community is saying his farewells, and gets banned because he technically broke the rules... I guess not everyone can see the humor in that, maybe because they don't realize that he also banned himself few times just to show, no one is above the rule.
Thank you for everything what you have done to .com community . We'll never forget you :( . com would not exist without you

Good bye & good luck in real life :)

Player banned by moderator velniukstis until 2014-07-25 03:01:11 // Local rule 5. If you've decided to leave the game - no need to create a topic about it here. It is your personal decision, not the common game problem

For .com there is no problem bigger then leaving of Arctic.
I have to make this step away and to inform you that I have resigned the commission conferred on me by the Administration team.

I believe the point of this post was to say that the admin assistant Arctic is not any longer admin assistant. And basically that now the Community will rely solely on the attention of admins (which in free translation means Community will have to fend for itself, by itself).

For such, it's existence in the General Game forum is perfectly justified.

That the player Arctic is leaving or not, is not clear, nor the main point of the message.
The best 2 things I'd miss about you are your awesome storyline (notwithstanding, I had to look into a dictionary many a times while reading the stories there :D) and not to forget your humble nature.

However I felt bad about you leaving this community (which I DO), it is always good to see someone giving more and more time to their real life commitments.

Thanks a lot for all your hard work you did for this community and being a bridge between .ru and .com all these years.

Saying you Good Luck with a hope (however faint it is) that sometime somewhere somehow you would find some time to come back to this lovely community again.

Till then enjoy your Freedom :)
Community will have to fend for itself
This Is the End.
Warlock naviron deals 5796 damage to Serzhons with the Death-to-Doomsayers spell. 1 perish.

This Is Serzhons's End.

We've seen many of this kind before. We'll see even more. Community will stay tight together. Intact.
Community will stay tight together. Intact.

Intact, but without any support from the admins...
Not like they've been cuddling us so much until now, is it?... :p
Thank you for all the effort for .com!
The great bard sings no more...

Thanks for all your work for .com.
Many thanks Arctic. You were one of the few making "nobody is irreplaceable" sound false.
Wish you a happy real life Arctic! :)
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