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Topic for anime funs ∧_∧


AuthorTopic for anime funs ∧_∧
Who else likes to watch anime ?)

And what do you like better?

I'am,for example,now look Sword art online)
I like watching them. The best anime i have seen till date is Death note. Also I think my 2nd best would be Fullmetal alchemist: Brotherhood. Theres so many others. I am currently watching Fate/Zero now, its like a 7/10 but hopefully will get better.

Sword art online? I don't like it.. Its got a good start but fails after 5-6 episodes..
for virtual_vitrea:
You must look anding ) It's epic anime!
I watch anime recently (the last one is Shingeki No Kyojin). But for now, i'm into such a thing as delinquent and fighting manga and anime, such as Crows, Worst, Clover, Sugarless, Akira, Beelzebub, etc.
The best anime i have seen till date is Death note.
i also like fairy tail..and i remember i saw one more in which the guy protects his school background at night by making some kind of boxes..forgot the name starts with k somethin..anyway these three are the best i've seen.
kekkaishi! thats the name
The best anime i have seen till date is Death note. Also I think my 2nd best would be Fullmetal alchemist: Brotherhood.i also like fairy tail.. , Naruto and Bleach.
kekkaishi! Ah, I watched it when I'm on middle high. So nostalgic !
for me there are some classics being neglected. Anime movies.

In order to call yourself an anime lover one must go thru the rites;


Ninja Scroll

DevilMan 1 and 2

An awesome short anime series called "Golden Boy.". Hilarious IMO.

As for the "series" anime not yet mentioned there is the classic Yuyu Hakusho the spirit detective (may have spelled the first part wrong.

Lets see...One Piece is decent for as old as it is. If new is what you are looking for then Attack on Titan is a must see, heck its a must see period.

If you like Bleach then Blue Exorcist will be right up your alley.

Robots? Gundam Wing

Goodness there are many more however in my stupor I have forgotten them for now haha.

On a parting note I will go on record to say that Digimon is a better series than Pokémon! Except when it comes to games :)

don't know what happened there, I simply meant Pokemon
You should definitely watch Steins;gate. Its another 10/10 according to me. Very complex and interesting series and you'll get hooked to it right from the start. It has very less episodes like 25 or less. I would totally recommend it to anyone.

Btw Doomx, i have seen attack on titans and i felt it was slightly overrated but its acceptable because of its great fighting animation and who wouldn't like Eren, Mikasa and Armin. The main characters are really interesting and well done.

I don't really like Naruto much, except the pain arc which is one of the best part ever made in either of its 2 versions. It has some other fine moments but mostly naruto is one kind of anime where you anticipate too much epicness but the real scenario is often very disappointing. Alot of fillers and flashbacks is another thing to add.
I think there's just so many better anime other there with a lot more than naruto to offer without you having to wait weeks for nearly no development.
pokemon and yu yu hakusho and initial D <3
talking about anime, i've been watching loth of it lately :P
Don't really see anime but heard that One Piece is pretty good.
any recommendation for comedy romance, preferably no love triangle thingy ... its really annoying lol :P
Kenitsi has nice humor, some action but I wouldn't say there's much romance in it.
Kenichi comes in ninja hattori right? xD
in nicklodeon.
used to watch it when i 5 years old :D
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