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Multiplayer games anyone?

AuthorMultiplayer games anyone?
Wanted to get some multiplayer games goin cos side by side of lords
a group of active players would be good
the point is to avail/search a free game on the net and well start playing

Since many folks may not have high end pcs we can decide a way around play good retro games
we could create a group and hopefully have more players join in the fun

i could discuss further butt.. need some heads
butt needs some heads o.O
If you find any good one, PM me and maybe I'll join you.
2.11. SHL (spreading harmful links) is forbidden. SHL means giving reference through any of the game media to sites containing any of the following:
-viruses (including screamers);
-black markets, bots, "cheats" etc. for LordsWM;
-materials of indecent or insulting content;
-other online games or their advertising;
-options of earnings through the Internet;
-polls on subjects not concerning the game;
-counters of visits (clicks), unless they are related to the game;
-a request to enter one's character's password.

So basically, you can not promote other online games here... Or you get a ban or something...
So basically, you can not promote other online games here...
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