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[Military Clan] # 57 Fairy kingdom


Author[Military Clan] # 57 Fairy kingdom
General Information :
- very friendly atmosphere, even though limited English users
- active private forum and clan stats
- successfully manage to hold 16 facilities without putting too much competitive pressure
- 200 highly enchanted arts in depo... and still increasing :o)
- good clan spirit and helping during server events

General Requirements :
- players CL 13+
- age 18+
- 5500 gold fee to join

About facility defenses :
- take part in a minimum of 20 defenses per month
- wear full shop arts and at least 2 full enchanted arts
- 130% payment for successful defs (1.3 * CL !) and partial payment for def with an incomplete lineup
- use skill potion if not playing with main faction, in which case it's advised to join a lineup as 3rd player
- always recommended to keep a +/- 2 level gap in a lineup
- **the 2nd line is reserved to high-levels using massive enchants. Join with caution**

to join: https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=57
you can contact me or Treasurer: vetal7772
*) Top 30 in survilurgs battle will get 30K, 20K, 10K gold awards every month

small correction from post 1,
*) active private mail support and clan bonus.
*) if any .com MC's want to make any temporary deals with MC 57, feel free to drop me mail. i will talk for you...
welcome :)
welcome :)
welcome :)
Merry Christmas all :)

If new player will have 30 battle with survilurg in 30 day from his entry to the clan - he will receive 5k of gold his entry fee -back
welcome :)
New Year coming...
Welcome :)
New Year coming...
growing strong to stronger...

Happy New Year :)
Happy New Year :)
members 233 and going up...
soon it will be filled
additional info:
top 10 players of the year in Survilurg battles will get 50K each...
241 now...

last month:
*) latawica received 30K reward for top 10 in survilurgs
*) Derelict received 20K for top 20 in survilurgs...

Welcome :)
Join the fun !
closing 250
back to 12 facilities...
Difficulty of survilurgs reduced and rewards is back to 120% for now.
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