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AuthorOld LWM
Anybody remember LWM before the merge?
I remember few map locations Yellow lake, Great Capital...
Anybody having the screenshot of old LWM home page, Tavern interface and map interface? :)
Verdant dell, Shining spring, Dragons caves and few more... :p
Elfpride has some photos in his profile that can bring the memories back ;)

silent hill
Ah refreshed old memories :')
Anybody remember?
Once Arctic was blocked for mentioning is multichar as *Char_signed*
And got blocked... And if someone defeat Councilor Feurlis He will be unvlocked... :)
I'd like to know all the names again. I had a story I wanted to write but could not remember the old map and its names :(
for Lucid-Naz:
Yellow Lake, Blooming Glade, East Bay, Empire Capital, Silent Hill, Verdant Dell, Seraph's Tears, Misty Coast, Ridge of Hope
spent most of the time at yellow lake :)
The Capital was actually "Grand Capital" :)

Revealing a detail that was likely to never see light: the next location to be added would be north of Ridge of Hope, I was intending to call it "Solemn Peaks".
for Arctic:
I think the Capital name used to be "Great Capital".
True :) My bad.
Solemn Peaks, a place we will never know. Sadly ;(
Solemn sPeaks
the next location to be added
Was that for an event or something? :)
A response from Arctic eh?
for Corey:
thank you, that is truly awesome

for Arctic:
Solemn Peaks? Ehh...that would have been ok...I guess but truly I think Lucid Peaks would have been sooo much better :)

I will eat a cup of noodles to that >D
Now that I look at the old map, no wonder I could do so many MG quests so quickly.
Its so tiny compared to the current one :'(
for Santremus:

true :P
Bring back the old map fo some event. ge the russinas to see what we played on
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