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1st Blinfold Mixed tournament


Author1st Blinfold Mixed tournament
Started with 3 wins
But last 3 matches went horrible

Last Match : The server went down and i lost the battle..
Was easily wining against all level 3 and 4
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hi everybody
i played 6times this Tournament and i have to say its totally unfair.
2times i had the most fsp and exp and i was 3rd and 4th.The other battles wasnt different i just had 2nd or 3rd best fsp. Yeah i agree its individual who will who attacks. There can be also situation (happend also to me) that 3players was attacking the same time on me, but why has mostly the 1st player and also the 2nd player lower fsp ( exp depend also on lv) than the another players ? And these players, who just wait or defend get 5 score ! Its totally unfair!! it would be better, when the score would depend on fsp, i think. This tournament its just about that player, who just kill his/her weak opponent and than will wait till another players kill themselves. Its not about who is the best player, who kill the most of them, its about who is the bigger coward !!!! And if i good know tournaments should be about best players not about cowards :)
And when somebody tell me, its about tactit and i dont know what its not! In 1 game i killed my opponent and there was knight who attacked unholy necro. I helped that knight and he just move back(ran away) and i was killed(4th) and that knight was 2nd. Ofc 1st was dwarf who killed her/his opponent and waited :)
Its also unbalanced i agree with that too :) There should be something we can do with it, not just posting here, but also do with it somthing !!
i only wish i had enough time to finish all 15 battles
i must say awesome innovation by the admins. remember guys last blindfold the main prob was that big ally had their connections on and knew every player whi played from their side and everywhere biasness was visible. now nothing of that sort and anyone can win. moreover the system of more wins taking to play with higher players and low wins to go to low players is also nice. makes it fair. but really best part is it has been able to maintain the blindness unlike the failure in last blind tourney. thx admins !! and thx lesena !!!
Can everyone tell the scores My:

Participants level: 3-21
Challenge type: Blindfold mixed battles
Equipment limitations: Standard (12 minimum AP, shop artifacts only)
Battle count: 15 (12) Points: 40
Experience and skill points: x1.5
extras: CG points
Participants: Next application admission term is from 08:00 till 08:10

Hope Good Luck to Rest :)
Battle count: 15 (6) Points: 17
lol 6- 17 me too!!
does anyone know whether creature armaments have effect in tourney?

I see clan bonuses have, cant find evidence of armaments..
for Ric_Dangerous:
yes,there do.
Cheers mate.

...guess armament could be another thing to take into account when balancing these battles - huge advantages for some.
Dont know if it already is though..

Think as some others in here that some races are favored in these games and +1 on the "too little time" issue, but still good fun, and alot better than nothing :)
Well the core strategy has always been the same, to make Allies and to be patients.
Well the core strategy has always been the same, to make Allies and to be patients.

This works for me only with equal lvl. Every battle with higher player next to me they started to attack me...both. They dont know how to use lower lvls for their advantage. :(
@32: I agree, but translated "make allies and be patient" seems in my battles to equal:
"be second or even better third to pseudo attack (range/hero) a player, just to prevent independantcy, and then continuing this strategy while defending for as long as possible", which could be further translated to
“be the coward in the background of a mob kicking the victim only when his already down”.
Suddenly sounds like a lot less noble core strategy than “make allies and be patient”.

Also, when it already takes around 2 hours per game, seeing a player defend with the bulk of his army for 1 hour and a half, might be an efficient strategy for scoring points but is a bit frustrating to say the least... :-)

Then again the beauty of blindfold is also that noone is bound by unspoken rules or noble codes of conduct. Everyone for himself in whatever way he chooses, that be noble and honorable, twisted, backstabbing, coward or just plain boring.
Well the core strategy has always been the same, to make Allies and to be patients
Core strategy is start hitting the weakest one to survive

After all thats what all lvl 14s guys did with me ( lvl 11 )

Battle count: 15 (15) Points: 47
8 battles - 5 points
1 battle - 4 , 1 battle - 3

5 battles - 0 ( thanks to those lvl 13-14s )
15(7) points:28
my strategy is that if any1 comes near my minos i light em up :D
Battle count: 15 (15) Points: 39

75% high lvl players (16 - 18) and no chance against them (most of them are Knights or Steppe Barbarians).
Battle count: 15 (15) Points: 51

Could Easily get more than 60 but some connection problem and when against Level 8's I was Destroyed first...
I'm loving this tournament, it's really funny even if sometimes I lose bad and if I never played "Every one for oneself" battles.
The way the balance is made is very good (altough I had some perplexity in last battle... a 12 lvl 28% score was put into our 13 lvl 45% score battle, and got immediately owned).
Also the FSP and exp collecting is really exciting. They give me satisfaction even after losses.

All in all, the key for me is not betting your battle into ATK paramenter only (as many do...), or death will come soon, and easily.
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