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1st Blinfold Mixed tournament


Author1st Blinfold Mixed tournament
New tournament is here :)

From .ru -
Heroes, the gates of the tournament arena invite all brave men to take part in the competition of the new format - in the first mixed dark tournament! Allowed to participate in everyone from the 3rd combat level. You will find a lot of different levels (blizkourovnevyh) fighting in the format every man for himself in the dark. Fights will be equipped with six roughly equal characters depending on the combat level and faction. Fight and earn tournament points in the individual competition, as well as glasses guild tactics and skills faction. Top heroes at every level (19-21 levels will participate in a competition) will have the right to share among themselves the main prize and incentive funds and will be awarded special tournament achievements:
I Don't get it
everyone for themself, with 6 players
Players may be different level?
So it's good for high level?
There is 1 darkness tower in between too
I dont understand , but he casted delay on all my troops :/ Only me -.- Why not others? :/
Its according to points even if high level wins so other player gets points too so whoever in your level gets highest wins :)
for Black Fog:
The darkness tower casts a random mass dark spell of level 1-3 (except decay) on the player with the strongest troops remaining.
Yes that makes it perfect balancing
Although i won 1st fight , but with delay,weakness and curse .. it was hard :P
This should be in tournaments section
That darkness tower is game changer
It casted confusion on opposite elf ;) i won easily after that
in my last game the 1,2,3,4 winners get exact same exp and fsp. it is normal?
@9 it depends on the amount of damage that you've done

i think it is very bad that this tournament only lasts 1 week and not 10 days at least. one battle takes a really long time
I agree with agent_004 great tourney, only played one but won it with almost all of my troops, however no hope of getting close to 15 battles done in the time frame. I think 2 battles per day average which each can easily last an hour to hour and a half is a little much to expect of someone.

Realistically I don't have enough time to do even what is a reasonable level - 7 in 7 days makes sense to me, doesn;t force you to have to spend all of your game time on just one aspect. So not sure what justification I have to get grumpy about it.
I came here to post this
This tournament must last for 15-20 days
15 eofo's will really take a while
I hope that they extend the time period of the tourney.
also i don't like 2 things about this tournament.
1. people can see how much you won, i won 80% people could see that, and emediatly killed me first...
2. 3 out of 4 of my battles i am the only lvl 14 against lvl 15's and 16's which is pretty hard to win.. the points are still devided the same way, isn't that strange?
Absolutely , i didnt liked this tournament
I;m getting all lvl 13 and lvl 14 opponents , and im lvl 11

How in this world a lvl 11 can win EOFO against lvl 13 and 14s?

I had 98% winning ratio , now im dieing in beginning itself..
your up against lvl 14's even? i haven't seen any lvl 13 or lower in my battles yet, but a level 11 matching up against level 14's is just pathetic... how can you ever get a good score that way.
Yes 2 lvl 14s and all lvl 13
I had 29 score in 6 battles.. now all messed up :/
Being pitted against 3 Level 17s and 2 Level 16s is not that good a balance for me :P
Wow, the amount of time these battles take is exhausting. Played a battle for 2 hours, and I was just the 2nd one out.

All thanks to the 4 Alt Necros on the field. Never die :P
it is not balanced tourney.
the metagame is avoid attention, don't go forward, and survive.
some factions doing well in this tourney.

alt necro due to massive amount of hp he can raise
and tribal cough cough
And those shadow barbs are just irritating
These fat stacks of ogre never dies :/
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