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The Dog [short horror story]

AuthorThe Dog [short horror story]
The story was originally written in Russian, this is author's translation :)
Enjoy the reading!

That was a late evening, when Anton went out from the house to walk his dog. It was dark on the street, huge and heavy clouds were hanging over the city, ready to burst with the downpour. Zak the pit bull breathed loudly and tried to break forth, almost wresting the lead from his master’s hand.
Anton and Zak walked through the yard, came out at the avenue and headed towards the park. There were few people around in that late time. Some cars were flashing the road from time to time, cutting the silence with drone of their engines and cutting the darkness with their headlights.
Anton almost reached the park when his ear caught someone’s screams. The sound was coming from the backstreet not far.
Anton pulled the dog closer to himself, wound the lead around his fist and stepped to the black hole of the backstreet. There, beneath the dim streetlamp, a very interesting scene was just about to be played.
“You’re a slut!” a huge man yelled. He was bald and extremely, unattractively huge, perhaps just a little less than seven feet height.
“Stop chasing me!” a slim girl in light brown coat cried with breaking voice. “Just live me alone!”
Zak produced a dull growl.
The man hit the girl heavily with an open hand. She lost the balance and felt down on the ground. Anton saw blood appearing on her harmed kneel.
“Wish you were dead, bitch,” the man grinned meanly and spat on girl’s face.
The lock of the shackle clicked chilly. Anton gazed down and saw just the lead in his hand.
Wild barking of Zak sank in girl’s scream. The dog pounced on the bald-man and threw him down. The man raised his arms to defeat, tried to grab the dog’s neck or muzzle, but the pit bull hasn’t even noticed these efforts. Following by the sound of unceasing girl scream he gnutted the victim’s face. Blood sprinkled.
When Anton grabbed the dog’s collar and pulled it out from the twitching body, it was too late. The whole face of the man was ripped in tatters. The big bloody hole gaped instead of the Adam’s apple on his neck. Anton watched dumbfoundedly as he shivered in last convulsions. A few seconds – feeling endless – and the men died away.
Anton felt he had sweated. Sweat flew down his back and his chest. He could felt its salty taste in the mouth.
The first drops of the beginning rain fell down on the ground.
The girl had not been screaming anymore, now she was just sobbing.
“Are you alright?” Anton asked.
She shrieked and shrank. Her eyes were glowing with the terror. And she was looking not at Zak. At Anton.
“What is going on here?” said somebody behind Anton’s back. “Oh my God, I’m calling the police!”
Anton turned around and looked at the new guy. An young well-looking fellow. Holding a smartphone in his hand.
“You should not call anybody.”
The dog wheezed.
“W... what?..” the fellow said dully.
“I said, You SHOULD NOT call anybody,” Anton stepped towards him. A streetlamp light caught his face out of the gloom.
“Aah… a-a-ah…” the fellow’s jaws opened in the soundless scream, his eyes rounded.
The salt taste in Anton’s mouth… it was not a sweat.
Only when skin on the fellow’s neck ripped under pressure of the sharp nails, Anton realized…
He had never had a dog.
oh, I do not have much to say!
A nice story indeed!
Great story, congrats and thanks for posting :)
Nice =)
"but.. what on earth have I been walking out for, all this time, then???"
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