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Old LordsWM vs New LordsWM


AuthorOld LordsWM vs New LordsWM
As the topic says
If you feel Old One just put a +1
and If new put a -1

And If you want to say anything like comments say after putting + or -
What do you mean with "old" and "new"? Time before the merge? New AI?
Ok take old one as before volcanic eruption
It was awesome before the volcanic eruption +1 nw its out of control :(
can't imagine anyone will actually prefer the old one
(except if he's bothered with communication with random teammates which are mostly russian)
Getting old lwm back will be nightmare.
All i would wish is to get Arctic back , so the old days like forum activity and communication can be brought back again.
I prefer old one
Just add events to it ^^
Everything was so sweet
Alone we stood as .com server :)
It's pretty funny, this was talked about before the merge was announced. People were saying things along the lines of "I wish we could get as updated as the Russian server". Guess you don't know what you've got till it's gone ;P
Time when Jedi Knight was top
Time when Kusika was top
Time when further more
Time when leveling up was so hard
I remember first time I reached level 5
I was out of the world
and now players can easily reach level 10 faster
Well maybe already there are posts to discuss about it the question is + or - :D

Just look at it :)
Wow and someone really posted on the thread :D
One thing is that most players are russians and communicate in russian only.
Would be good if more people speak english...
People still makes extremely insanely hugely mistakes with some more words with 'ly' on the end. Now I can't guide them as I would normaly, yet one thing still the same, I still get annoyed by the same ratio than before.

Not saying that a dead server is better, I'm just saying that we could have more people which speaks english on this new one.

Earlier it was awful. No choice but to hunt and MG. Now there is an event every 2 weeks. It is good.
We didn't even have statistics for players. Remember when we had to file complaints in TS for statistics to be updated? I do.
Earlier facilities ran out of gold. No such thing here. Hell, you even enroll in productions for free.
Arts ran out of stock in .com from arts shop even when no event was around which is strange because no event was ever around.
Map was smaller. Productions and Machining were conquered by scripters which is also prevalent here but atleast admins look into it and are trying to resolve it.
.com days, we had no contact with admins whatsoever. Here atleast they contact ru server and we can translate it (not good but not terrible either).

I can go on but I think I have established my point here.

Just because of one or two bad things, we shouldn't say "Old was good, new is bad."
Only bad thing is just the language barrier but some russians like l_e_s_e_n_a atleast make sure we get important details. We should be happy with what we have now and hope in future it gets better.

Also don't forget admins wanted to or atleast there were talks of closing .com server forever but it didn't happen because of whatever reason.

Nothing was better at the old server. I think someone confuses Arctics presence with the old server, but it is not related. Arctic had his times when he was on or off, but has now been off for a long time. He was however here some time after the merge too.

Optimus thinks that players can reach lvl 10 faster than he reached lvl 5. It must be because he is very slow, because you get the same exp from hunts, PvP, MG etc.

I think it is funny that this thread is started by a member of a russian clan.
Old one had its good things :)
The only thing is that new has more good things..
Only good thing - before labourer guild changed.
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