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Do you already own HMM VII?

AuthorDo you already own HMM VII?
What's your feedback?
I haven't and never played HoMM.
But I am just commenting here to bring this topic to the top so people who have may comment here because that flood thread has restricted discussion of other topics. :)
for MarineBiologist:
This game is based on HoMM V :)
I got HMM VII well the beta version that is.
Looks a lot like heroes III.
Could only play Wiz and knight in beta but what i have seen so far it looks good.
I only hope that the graphics will get better in the final version.
for Edwin:
I personally care little for the graphics in a HoMM game , I care for rather the new gameplay style and creatures :)
But graphics are important too for such a game, visuals play a huge part
I also own VII, I'm more curious to see 3rd person overall opinion, and watch the tendence of players for this forum, are they truely like this franchise? Does they have good machines to run other games?

My overall thoughts about this game are:

The sound track is amazing, there's only a few tracks right now, but the devs promised a hell lot more, and those sounds really fits with each faction lore and playstyle, gives a good immersion.

The animations are really, yes there's a lot bugged stuff, like spinning flying units, but the quality for spells, or effects such burning, is nicely done.

The art design and overall quality for units, is amazing, I mean it's not perfect, I've reported some units, that I wish changes, mostly basing on texture quality/indeep, but the overall is pretty solid.

Random skill wheel and magic guild school are back, yay! (Well, I'll choose skills manually, instead of random, and the magic guild, while it's more fun and the best yet implemented, I really don't care that much.)

Something that I really liked was the fact, each hero was a limited amount of skills that he can learn, also each hero can only have 4 advanved skills, 3 experter and 3 mastery, they can't just choose whatever they want and master it, plus they've speciality, this is just awesome.

The skill system is better than VI, but it's good, but doesn't feel good enough, it needs more content and indeep, complexity, overall it's a fair system, I definitely can enjoy it.

The building system, which we've to make chooses, my gosh, this was the best update ever made in the earth, this is really awesome and makes the game more tactical and strategic.

The flanking system is ok-ish, if troops couldn't just go whatever they want, such on Age of Wonder III or similar games, would be better, but also would destroy the gameplay of HoMM, so it's 5/10 update, standart, brings complexity, but isn't an "wow this is so freaking awesome" as the building system listened above is.

Yes, there's bugs, this is a beta, not an official release.
However I haven't got any crash, nor corrupted save files or such.

I do really miss the initiative system from HoMM V, this makes the game much more tactical, also the tiers system also bring up as well, to not mention the lackness of racial. I'm currently replaying HoMM V on heroic, I'm also playing VI on hard, while on VI everything is dumped down to brainless fights of using one - two spells, and repeat the same tactics 1 billion of times, because the devs though would be a good idea to make neutural creeps everywhere, it's a extremeely boring gamepaly, I'm forcing myself to play, due the lore/history, but on V, I do play because I want to, it's way more enjoyable, every battle I've to think and make real strategy, besides each faction does really plays different, even the out dated cutsences looks more immersive and gives more tension, even this VI managed to screw up, by not choosing a propely sound track, making useless units do useles cliche things every time, such whatever there's a orc, they'll always lift his right arm and give his roar "grr' or something, this is annoying and not immersive.

Overall speaking, I think VII would be a good game, definitely better than VI (Thanks Elrath, your light be praised.), though I'm not sure if it will be better than V, it doesn't seems more complex and tactical than V.
/\ and that's why I hate the fact this forum doesn't have an edit button.
i have a beta key for h7 if anyone need.
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